Sakong: All A Player Needs To Know Before Playing

Sakong QQ Online is an internet gambling game similar to online poker games and is more readily available on various gaming websites. It’s played using decks of cards. The difference is that Sakong may become a city, whereas poker cannot, and each player only shares three playing cards.

Understanding the Different Cards InSakongqq

Before playing Sakong online, players must first learn and grasp the card values that range from the highest to the lowest. The following are the cards that show the highest to the lowest value:

AAA card

The highest card in the SakongQQ game is this AAA card. When a person gets a AAA card, they’ll be awarded 3x the amount of the stake on the table.

KKK Card 

In the game of Sakong qq online, the KKK card is the second highest card. If no gamer gets AAA cards, the player with three KKK cards will become the winner.

QQQ Card

In the online Sakong game, the QQQ card is the third highest card. Supposedly, any gamer doesn’t get three cards with AAA and KKK scores; nobody knows who will be the winner.

JJJ Card

A player’s odds of winning are also pretty high if any player acquires a JJJ card. If the other opponents get an AA, KKK, or QQQ, this JJJ card can be defeated.

Card 10

It’s the last and supreme card in the game of Sakong. If no opponents have the best card before it, the 10th card is the game’s winner.

Before beginning to play, players should know which cards have the highest and lowest value in Sakong. Before competing, the competitors must be skilled at selecting a table to play at and practice on a table or room with several players. In a game, every player should try to play a bookie. Due to this, the particular player has a 70% chance of winning every time they go around the table.

When an individual plays online gambling games supplied by the Pkv Games server, they have the chance to win the jackpot. The highest score in Sakong games, such as 3 AAA cards, 3 KKK cards, 3 QQQ cards, and finally 3 JJJ cards, is required to win the jackpot in Sakong games.

Each opponent can become a dealer in this Sakong game. Of course, a player must meet some requirements and conditions to become a PRO or a bookie, such as owning a particular number of chips. One can obtain several different payments in this game. It, however, depends on the sort of card combination they have.


When someone scores with a standard number card, the payout is two times the nominal bet. When they have a triple or three-of-a-kind card combination, for instance, AAA and KKK, they can get three times the money.

The two factors that constitute the foundation of the Sakong QQ online gambling game are understanding the rules of the game and the method for putting bets. If anyone already knows these two fundamentals, they can move on to learning game strategy.