Tips for a Cool and Comfortable Home in Summer

Making your home comfortable can be a large investment, just like investing in your vehicles. Regular maintenance makes your home handle weather changes during the summer. Summer is the best time to enjoy the weather and sunshine in the yard. However, bright sunlight and warm temperatures can sometimes ruin your summer fun. Therefore, seasonal maintenance is important to make your home ready for the warmest season.

Deep Clean Your Home’s Outer Surface

In summer, there are chances of strong sea breezes in the afternoon, which can cause gusty winds. These strong winds are a source of carrying sand and dust from outside your home and bringing it indoors. You should sweep up the debris early from outdoors. It will make it easier for you to remove ongoing dust and clean inside the home. Regular outdoor cleaning is important for a comfortable living space in summer.

Roof and Window Maintenance in Summers

Algae and moss production in the home can destroy the structure of the roof as they absorb moisture and weaken it. To prevent this, you can install zinc strips that suppress the growth of algae and moss. Checking that roof shingles are not missing or damaged is also important for maintaining the roof strength. Moreover, it is essential to properly seal your windows to ensure they are tightly sealed and functioning effectively. You should make sure that the flyscreens in your home are not broken. Intact flyscreens help keep cooled air inside and release warm air outside the home in summers

Maintain Indoor Comfort

As the temperature rises, it is important to ensure that your air conditioning system is ready for the upcoming heat wave by replacing the filters. Filters can become clogged with dirt and debris, reducing the efficiency of your AC and the air quality in your home. Therefore, it is important to replace them to maintain optimal airflow in your home. If you are using an evaporative system, ensure it has a proper water supply to thoroughly clean and wash down the entire system.

Moreover, you can make your home cool and comfortable with reliable and efficient air conditioning services. They can provide you with the right solution for installation, replacement, or maintenance.

Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

During the summer, you can create a nice cool breeze by changing the direction of your ceiling fan. If you spin the fan counterclockwise, it will provide optimal airflow with a soft, cool breeze. This helps to keep your home cool. You can reverse the direction by adjusting the switch. When you flip the switch, you can easily clean the dust from the fan blades. This is the best option to improve air quality and ensure the proper functioning of the fan.

Start the Watering System

Summer is the time to start the watering system in your garden. You should make sure that sprinklers are distributing the water in each part of the entire garden to keep plants green and healthy during hot months.