How a Secretarial Firm Helps to Strike Off a Company


Within the trading world, there are different reasons why a company may be struck off or broken up. This may be due to money-related difficulties, changes within the advertisement, or essentially since the owners want to move on to modern wanders. Notwithstanding the reason, the method of striking off a company can be complicated and time-consuming. 

This is often where a secretarial firm can play a pivotal part. Secretarial firms specialize in helping businesses with their corporate compliance and legal obligations, making them a profitable asset when it comes to striking off a company. 

Understanding the Method of Striking Off a Company 

Before digging into the part of a company incorporation services Singapore within the striking-off preparation, it is important to get what striking-off implies. Striking off a company alludes to the method of expelling a company from the official enrolment of companies, viably dissolving it. 

This may as it was being worn out in certain circumstances, such as when a company is now not carrying on trade or has ended up torpid. The striking-off handle is administered by directions and must be carried out in compliance with the law. 

The Role of a Secretarial Firm in Striking Off a Company 

1. Initial Evaluation and Arranging 

The first step in striking off a company is to assess the company’s qualification for striking off. A secretarial firm can help in conducting an intensive appraisal of the company’s monetary records, compliance with administrative necessities, and any extraordinary liabilities. 

Based on this evaluation, the secretarial firm can help in planning a vital arrangement for striking off the company in an opportune and proficient way. 

2. Planning of Documentation 

One of the key errands included in striking off a company is the arrangement and accommodation of the essential documentation to the significant specialists. This incorporates preparing the application for striking off, upgrading the company’s records, and guaranteeing that all statutory filings are up to date. 

A secretarial firm has the mastery and encounters to handle this printed material with exactness, guaranteeing that all requirements are met to facilitate a smooth striking-off handle. 

3. Communication with Partners

All through the striking-off handle, it is critical to communicate with different partners, such as shareholders, chiefs, and banks. A secretary firm in Singapore can act as a contact between the company and these partners, providing them with standard upgrades in advance of the striking-off handle and tending to any concerns or inquiries they may have. 

This proactive communication can aid preserve straightforwardness and goodwill amid what can be a delicate period for the company. 

4. Compliance with Legitimate Prerequisites 

Striking off a company includes complying with a run of legal requirements set out within the Companies Act and other significant enactment. A secretarial firm incorporates an exhaustive understanding of these prerequisites and can guarantee that the company adheres to all fundamental legitimate commitments through the striking-off handle. 

5. Post-Striking Off Compliance 

A secretarial firm can give direction on these post-striking-off exercises, making a difference to guarantee that all legitimate and administrative commitments are satisfied in an opportune manner. 


Striking off a company is a complex preparation that requires cautious arranging, meticulous preparation, and compliance with legitimate necessities. A secretarial firm can be a profitable accomplice in this preparation, advertising expert guidance and bolstering to assist explore the different challenges related to striking off a company.