What Features Need To Be Checked While Buying Condo 

The condo is a dream for many people. People with vital financial status don’t think much while buying a condo. But there are a group of people who hardly make both ends meet. Being at a very poor or moderate financial status, a home of their own feels like heaven. These hardworking people click through every site and enquire every broker for the best home within their budget. As there are budget constraints, one must compromise on a few matters. Here are a few things people need not compromise and ensure are fulfilled at any cost. 

  • Entrance And Alignment Of Rooms 

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Almost every home has its entrance on the East or North. Hence, that makes it. Any home that you’re choosing needs to have access to the East. There’s a scientific reason for the rule of entrance in the East. As soon as doors are opened, sun rays fall directly into the main rooms of the apartment, making the atmosphere clear and bright. And it’s a known fact that sun rays are essential for bone strength. Hence, having entrances in the East and rooms aligned according to the order is the best feature for any home. 

  • Security And Safety

When there are kids in the family, safety and security are very crucial. Though security guards and cameras are standard in every area, having proper doors, locking, and unlocking systems is still essential. If kids are alone at home, their security needs to be ensured at any cost. 

While child safety doors are one of the points, emergency security backups also have to be specific. Every floor needs emergency exits if it’s an apartment, and solid doors and windows are a must if it’s an independent house. 

  • Location

The place you’re choosing needs to have a clean environment and be near city transport. Metropolitan areas have polluted air and traffic on every side. If you’re planning to buy a home in the metro area, check if the atmosphere is good enough to grow. Polluted areas either have contaminated water supply or no proper water supply at all. Hence, enquire neighbours about the place. Click (คลิก, which is the term in Thai) on more options on any site that you browse to know to gather enough information related to the area. 

So, these are the things one need not comprise while buying a home.