Ways to Attract Pollinators to Your Container Garden

You might need pollinators if you want to grow veggies in deck planters. They’re essential for flowering plants and play a crucial role in their life. However, few people know how to attract pollinators to their container gardens. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to attract pollinators to your garden to help you grow native plants.

Include Flowering Plant in Your Container Garden

Pollinators love flowers, so one of the best ways to attract them is by giving them lots. Plant a variety of flowering plants in your deck planters. As they bloom through the growing season, you’ll find that the pollinator population will grow. When choosing flowers, go for brightly colored options. You can also opt for fragrant options, which are most attractive to flying insects like butterflies.

Include Native Plants

Another option you have when trying to attract pollinators is to grow native plants. Many species of native bees only go for a special type of native flower. Therefore, when you include native plants in your container garden, it will also attract picky pollinators. 

Create a Designated Area for Pollinators

Most people love to watch insects buzz around their garden, but sometimes the buzzing insects can be a nuisance. Therefore, if you want to attract pollinators into your container garden and there’s enough space for a special section away from your deck planters. However, remember not to use insecticide around the container garden as it could kill pollinators. 

Ensure There is Water Sources Available

If you attract pollinators to your container garden, you should ensure water sources are available. That could also serve as a source of attraction for the pollinators and get them closer to your deck planters. However, bees tend to drown easily, so ensure you assist them, like a shallow pan filled with marbles or pebbles.