The Journey to Being Sober: How Family and Friends Can Help?

Many families and friends wonder exactly what to do when they find one of their closest people in the grab of addiction. With so many taboos and misconception around addiction, most of them are unaware of the course of action. Addicts usually cut off their ties with their usual friends and family members to hide their addiction and to get along with their new buddies with whom he or she can do drugs. People usually get confused due to this new distance in the relationship and feels awkward to talk about something as deep as addiction. It is not very uncommon for addicts to behave very differently which often includes violent and hurtful behaviors. These easily put people off around them giving them scope to stick to their addiction.

The wrong reaction

As addiction is a wrong thing and it creates so much tension, people often react in the wrong way towards the addicts. Blame game and shaming almost always become their weapon to make addict realize the issue. With the substance and its effects in body and in brain, addicts react in a negative way pushing these people away. Instead of realizing the truth, addicts become more aloof from their family and friends. Even when people talk about physical withdrawal from alcohol with addicts, the speaker must stay patience even after knowing the wrong aspect of it.

Help is available if you ask

If it is tough for you to communicate, take help of professionals to help sort things out. We have help around us, but we are too ashamed and embarrassed to ask. While interventionist help to communicate with your closed one, detox facilities chalk out a treatment plan. Never assume that the addiction is there due to the love for the substance. There can be underlying causes that led to the situation. Treatment for addiction also treats these issues to prevent relapse in the future. Though it is tough to stay calm and composed during such time, it is necessary to provide proper support to the addicted person to make them less lonely and helpless.