The Three Types of Vinyl Flooring Materials: Composite Tiles, Sheet,and Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl flooring has become a popular choice for areas where durability, waterresistance, and resilience was important. This is why they are a preferred choice for bathrooms and kitchen. Vinyl flooring is composed of PVC, which is a synthetic plastic containing carbon, chlorine, and hydrogen.

There are different types of vinyl flooring available, both high-quality and low quality and the difference can be made out by the thickness and toughness of layers. Their color is another yardstick for satisfying the different preferences of vinyl whether Black or White Vinyl Flooring. For information on vinyl flooring contractors near you, visit Flooring Domain which is the best flooring directory and online marketplace in Australia.

The three top qualities of any vinyl flooring are:

  • Durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Water resistance

Types of Vinyl Flooring

There are three forms of vinyl flooring,

  • Composite Tiles
  • Vinyl sheet and
  • Luxury vinyl planks or tiles.

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Vinyl composite tiles

This is made by fusing composite materials into solid sheets, which are then cut into tiles.


  • This is the most cost-effective vinyl flooring option
  • It comes in DIY form since individual pieces are manageable
  • It is generally glued to an underlayment with either an adhesive or a peel and stick adhesive.
  • It comes in varieties of colors and patterns but with lesser options as compared to other types of vinyl flooring


  • It needs high maintenance
  • It needs surface polishing so that the porous surface remains protected
  • It is not as water-resistant as sheet vinyl and water can seep through the seams causing the base layer to loosen.

Vinyl sheet


  • It comes in large rolls like a continuous sheet in widths of about 6 to 16 feet
  • It is made of polymer materials
  • The flooring pattern and color are due to the graphics layer of PVC
  • It has very less seams which makes it more water-resistant
  • Smaller room floors can be covered with an entire sheet making it a completely impermeable flooring material


  • The vinyl sheet ismore expensive than the vinyl tiles
  • Installing sheet vinyl can be clumsy due to large rolls
  • This makes it not so popular with a DIY project

Luxury Vinyl

This flooring comes in the form of tiles or huge planks that resemble laminate or wooden flooring planks. It is the latest form of popular vinyl flooring made of limestone and PVC composites.

Since there is no fiber layer, it is a solid thick material. The film layer of digital graphics on the composite material flooring gives it a similar look to wood, stone, ceramics, or even metal making them the best choice for many homes.

  • Highly durable, superior appearance and performance
  • It is completely impervious to water
  • This makes it the best choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and moisture-prone areas
  • Requires easy maintenance
  • More cost-effective choice for long term

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