The Different Types Of Strip Clubs Explained

There are a variety of strip clubs ranging from respectable sounding “gentlemen’s clubs to small hole in the wall types of strip clubs. Those clubs that have the usual strip club title might bare the same description but they are very different. To find out how they differ, you might want to go into a number of different ones and experience each one. Upon entering some clubs offer more eye-candy and more entertainment- you get your money’s worth. Other clubs are just about getting you to sit and get your eyeful whilst squeezing money from you without you even noticing. Let’s go through a couple of the different clubs that Melbourne has to offer:

Gentlemen’s Club

A gentleman’s club is more high class. It is more than just a titty bar or strip club near me and offers a variety of entertainment besides the usual scantily dressed dancers performing acrobatic feats on a pole. It may offer a games room with a billiards table, a dart board, a coupled of large TV screens that stream sports and whatever most men are into,  The dancers are also more polished, very high class girls who could easily make a living as models. Besides a high entrance fee, you can expect the food menu to also e high priced and the alcohol to be expensive premium blend brews. Gentlemens’ clubs are swanky establishments so the dress code is formal, not a T-shirt and jeans establishment.

A-Gentleman’s Club cum strip club

There are clubs that advertise themselves as gentlemen’s clubs when there is nothing gentlemanly about them. They might have a kitchen that serves food but the food is much simpler. You can order you standard bugger and chips, pizza, etc. The drink section might also be limited compared to what proper gentlemen’s clubs offer. This does not mean they aren’t worth visiting. The best part about them is not just the low prices but the quality of such clubs is low. However, do not equate low prices with poor service. Some of these clubs offer above-standard quality as far as the performers are concerned. The good thing about these clubs is that they are less rigid and patrons can literarily lie back and relax.

Bars and strip clubs

Some clubs can co-opt strippers into their service. This means, that in addition to the usual slinging drinks or some form of activity like soccer game nights on a big screen TV, or a pool table tucked away at the back of the room. They will have separate spaces for strippers to perform, or topless waitresses. These bars are likely to be more popular with the locals and when in doubt you’ll learn a lot more about the local scene, which clubs are the best and which ones are to be avoided.

Like most clubs and restaurants, quality costs money. If you are looking for strip clubs near me. Don’t walk in the first club you come across and start spending money. Spend some time finding a place that is more to your taste and will give you the best experience.