The Demand for Metal Supplies: Is it Justified?

Metals are one of the most flexible substances used for multiple applications. There is a market for every metal item, from industry-favorite iron to alloys like stainless steel.

Being a Bay Arean, you might be familiar with the use of metals in the comprehensive infrastructure of the region, including buildings, airports, and the complex multimodal transport system. Hence, in terms of a reliable metal distributor Bay Area CA has multiple.

To understand the popularity that metal enjoys, let’s look at the strengths of each item that belongs to this category.

Understanding Construction Metals

Metals consist of a variety of groups, from single naturally-occurring ones to alloys. Even among metals, iron and steel are the most widely employed ones, taking up to 95 percent of all the tonnage of metal produced annually in the United States and the world.

Here are some other widely used metals and what sets them apart.


The defining properties of aluminum are, for sure, its strength and resistance to corrosion. Due to this, it is employed in light and heavy-duty applications. For example, the exterior of the airplanes parked in all the Bay Area airports consists of aluminum. The reason for this is that the metal has an excellent weight-to-strength-to-cost ratio.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a welcome addition to the already famous world of metals. It is an alloy of iron and carbon with numerous properties, including high tensile strength, durability, and easy fabrication. It is widely used for making kitchenware, which is found in abundance in the Bay Area. Not to mention, they are available in multiple colors and shapes.

Carbon Steel

Another alloy of iron and carbon, carbon steel, is primarily used for heavy-grade applications like building bridges, shafts, railways, pipelines, and cars. It finds application for its higher strength and toughness compared to other metals.

In fact, the Golden Gate bridge in Bay Area, CA, is a sturdy structure due to carbon steel!

What are the Alternatives to Metals?

Among a sea of materials available, metals have few competitors. In fact, ceramic materials have been on the rise, looking to replace metals. However, metals provide unmatched value in everything, ranging from their costs to their properties.

Additionally, you can mix them with other metals to create alloys, altering the structure of both metals and using their best qualities. For example, items like stainless steel and carbon steel are both alloys made from iron and carbon. But due to the different compositions of these metals in the mixture, they fulfill other purposes, resulting in different applications.

Not to mention, Bay Area CA has a significant amount of mines. So, even if you are worried that metals might run out, there is always mining to produce more. Since no solid alternatives have come into existence, metals will continue to dominate the market for years.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for a metal distributor Bay Area CA has numerous options. Not only do these professionals supply the best quality metals according to your preferences, but they also accommodate requests. Their high-grade metals like aluminum and steel will be helpful for anything you need.

So, as a Bay Arean, recognize the pot of gold lying in your backyard, and contact a metal distributor soon.