The current era of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced a large majority of us to be confined to our homes for long periods of time. This makes one wonder and ponder over the home where we live and how we pass our time in it. We have realized the importance of a comfortable and cosy home that is not only beautiful but makes us feel comforted, safe, and productive.

When someone wants a change in their current home or wants to design a new one, they may come up with various ideas and themes to give them a start. But there is always room for inspiration and innovation from where one can take bits and pieces of the designs that they like and want to incorporate into their own homes.

If you own a 3-room HDB flat and want to renovate it, you have come to the right place! Here, we will describe some of the most beautiful and dreamy 3-room HDB interior design where the dark and earthly tones of nature meet modern Scandinavian designs to produce eye-catching and most appealing interiors.


In this beautiful interior design by us at Mei Ling, we see the dominant dark shades of blue, grey, and white that perfectly blend with each other. The blue is a darker shade of indigo that makes a contrast with the crisp, white walls. In the lounge, a grey sofa and grey carpet is contrasted with some part of a wall having this dark blue shade whereas all the other walls are kept white. This colour scheme keeps the dramatic effect of the design while still making the room appear airy and fresh. The plain white walls may have appeared too plain and boring, so they have added a patterned wallpaper to one of the walls to further uplift the room’s appearance.

Similarly, the kitchen in this design also features the indigo blue colour for the cabinets which are contrasted with cream cabinet tops to add the perfect character to space. The floors and walls are kept of lighter tones so that the kitchen does not look crowded or congested.

For the bedroom and bathroom of this 3-room HDB, things are kept simple in line with the Scandinavian design by using just light wooden tones for the cupboards, doors, and bathroom cabinets. The wooden elements add a touch of wood grain and texture to the minimalist design. The toilet fixtures and walls are kept white to make the small area appear spacious. These wooden textures and white interior make a very appealing space even though the area is quite small.


The following example of a 3-room HDB flat in Eunos designed features a mix of dark colours, high-end contemporary furnishings, and statement lighting that helps to bring about a dramatic interior to the home. This design takes simple, clean, and crisp lines from the Scandinavian style and mixes them with earthly tones in a space where there isn’t much light. However, even in the absence of a lot of light, space does not appear gloomy or congested. This is because of the perfect selection of contemporary furniture, statement lighting, and other elements that help to enhance the earthly tones of the house. As a result, the home appears comfortable, cosy, and enchanting along with a dramatic effect.

Consider the living room of this design. It features dark brown shades in the wooden fixtures, sofas, curtains, and table. However, all these elements are enhanced by placing indirect and accent lighting at just the right spots. The wall is of a lighter shade to contrast the darker elements of the room but it has a wooden-patterned and textured wallpaper that goes in line with the earthly theme of the room.

The kitchen also features wooden cabinets and counters which are contrasted with white countertops. Again, accent lighting and spotlights help to enhance every element along with adding a dramatic effect to the space. The floors are also light coloured in perfect balance with the other darker elements.

Another important feature of this design is that every room opens freely and connects with the other spaces of the house. The living area opens in the dining area which connects freely with the kitchen. The living area flows freely into the bedroom with frosted glass partitions instead of traditional doors. Recessed lighting in the bedroom again gives it a modern effect and does not make it look congested even though the room is quite small.

The bathroom in this HDB flat is also unique which features a separate toilet area and a stand-alone washing area. The washing area is kept simple with a washbasin and a wooden cabinet underneath. However, the accent lighting behind the round mirror and around the washbasin makes it look so modern and chic.

These different forms of modern lighting and the use of dark, earthly tones makes one wonder how much you can do and achieve in a small space. This combination makes the space modern yet comfortable. The earthly tones help one stay calm and focussed whereas the modern lighting adds just the spark of liveliness and hope that one requires.


An interior design that features wooden and white themes gives a very fresh, modern, and elegant feel. Although it boasts simplicity, still it does not appear dull or boring. White is used to giving an open and airy feel whereas wooden textures and colours give a very cosy and sophisticated vibe. And this is exactly what has been done in the following 3-room HDB flat at Gangsa Rd. In the living room, a very light tone of the wood is used which is contrasted with darker furniture and white elements in the room. Spotlights are used to further enhance the appearance of the room and to make it look modern and chic. Frosted glass panels are used to separate the living room from the other area which adds a further touch of modernism to the design.

Living Room @ Gangsa Rd

The kitchen is kept simple yet elegant by using white for the floors, walls, and cabinets. A little character is added to the design by keeping the countertops of oak coloured wood. The kitchen flows freely into the outer area where a wall mounted counter serves as a small table for dining. This design also features minimalism which adds a character to space.

The bedroom is also kept simple with oak coloured floors, a bed, and a walk-in closet. The walk-in closet helps to keep the clutter away and the bedroom looks organized and clutter-free all the time. The light oak-coloured elements are contrasted with a dark wrought iron table and chair which further uplifts the room’s design. A chandelier adds the final touch of elegance to the interior.


This next portfolio is the beautiful blend of earthly elements with a Scandinavian design to create an abode of comfort and serenity. In this HDB apartment at Senja Road, a modern Scandinavian interior is created by using neutral colours and clean crisp lines. However, a few earthly elements in the form of warm wood tones and green plants add that touch of nature to the design. In the living room, we can see off-white and beige walls and floors with neutral coloured curtains, all depicting a Scandinavian interior. However, the wooden accent wall, the green rug, and a few green planters bring that earthly aspect into the space. Spotlights and indirect warm lighting adds that element of modernity and binds all these themes together.

For the dining area, we can see that a dark-toned wooden dining table and chairs are used which create a sharp contrast with the white walls and kitchen. Again, the dark wooden ladder shelf with green plants showcasing on it brings out the touch of nature in a beautiful way. The white doors and white kitchen add elegance and beauty to this space.

The bathroom in this HDB flat utilizes light and neutral tones but they are all in hues of a light wood colour. The floors bear the distinctive pattern and grain of a wooden floor which along with the wooden vanity adds that earthly touch to an otherwise Scandinavian theme. A touch of Bohemian is also added in the design but in tones of wood that enhance the bathroom’s appearance while still keeping in line with the Scandinavian earthly theme.


Another beautiful depiction of how a simple Scandinavian design can be enhanced by adding some earthly elements in it can be seen in the following portfolio. In this design theme at Sims Urban Oasis, we can see a typical design that is specific to the Nordic countries with light neutral colours, clutter-free spaces, and well-lit airy interiors. But then some darker and warm tones in the form of a dark wooden door, grey accent wall, brown ceiling fan, and black window borders help to bring about a depth and character in the design. The idea is to use the right colours and hues so as to bring the natural elements in a minimalist and clean area.

In the bedroom, we can see a beautiful harmony of light earthly colours in the form of oakwood floors with grey walls and bed. The white light from the track lights as well as natural light coming through the huge window creates a fresh and bright space that is typical of a Scandinavian interior.


A Scandinavian interior design theme is marked by clean sharp lines, clutter-free areas, light neutral tones, and functionality while still keeping the beauty elements of the design.This can be seen as being implemented in the following design portfolio at Bukit Batok West. In the living room, we can see a clean space with minimal furniture and light neutral walls and floors. However, a few earthly elements are added in the form of wooden tables and shelves. When sunlight that flows through the large windows falls on these natural elements, it adds a unique touch of nature in a modern space which makes it look jaw-drop gorgeous. You can even add a few plants and creepers to add some natural colour to the space which can enhance its aesthetics manifold.

For the bedroom of this HDB apartment, we again see the light walls and floor with modern indirect lighting that creates a dramatic and modern appeal. However, for the bathroom door, a barn-style wood door has been used which adds that natural and rugged element to this otherwise chic design. This creates a beautiful blend of raw and modern interiors which is seldom seen in interior designs.

The bathroom also features a similar color palette of light neutral shades with a touch of nature in the form of a wooden vanity and small planters on it. Adding a few more green elements in the interior will make it shine even more.


In the design portfolio discussed below, we see an interior that is marked majorly by an earthly colour theme with some aspects of Scandinavian elements to create a beautiful Scandinavian cum Earthly abode. In this resort-style HDB apartment at Punggol Walk, the aesthetics of natural elements contrast beautifully with well-lit hallways and rooms along with great functionality and minimal furniture. The living room looks as if you have stepped into a resort. Wooden floors, wooden walls, as well as wooden ceiling beams create that natural and resort-style in space. The sheer white curtains and crisp furnishings add that Scandinavian element to the design. Spotlights and indirect lighting create an elegant and modern space that is bound to inspire anyone who views it.

The kitchen also depicts the same aesthetics as that of the living room with the natural elements of wooden shelves and cabinets. The floors and walls are white and shiny that are typical of a Scandinavian theme. The black countertops with modern lightings add the element of style and elegance in this space.

When we view the dining space, it shows class and sophistication in each of its elements. The wood panelled partition adds the touch of nature along with the wooden dining table and chairs. The light-toned wooden floor also helps to create a natural space. A little touch of Scandinavian is added in the form of light beige walls that again depict a brick wall pattern which helps to combine the old with the new in this room. Modern hanging lamps in addition to the warm indirect lighting help to bring together the earthly and modern elements in a beautiful amalgamation that can leave anyone awestricken with its beauty!

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