What to Do When the Internet Is Down?

When the internet goes down, it feels like your day has come to a stop. Not only does your work come to a stop, but you can’t even entertain yourself anymore. That’s why it’s quite irritating when the internet starts to lag, slow down and stop working altogether. Luckily for you, since you are on this page reading this article, you are safe for now. However, you have most probably experienced slow internet or even no internet at some point in your life. After all, this is something that is unavoidable, no matter how good or expensive your internet plan is.

So, it’s good to be prepared beforehand and this article will help you do exactly that. Before you start calling your ISP and having them fix the internet, here are some things you can do to see if the internet connection works right away without having to wait. Let’s get down to it!

Check all devices

First and foremost, if you notice your internet has stopped working, check all the devices. Sometimes, it can be that the internet momentarily got disconnected from one device and not the others. So, you should check other devices to ensure if the internet is working on other devices or not. If the internet is connected on other devices, but not yours, you should manually try to reconnect it from your device’s settings. If it still fails to connect, click your network name and choose “Forget”. Then, reselect the network name and enter the password.

Reboot the modem and/or router

If the internet is still not working, you should reboot the modem and/or router. To do that, just turn off the router/modem and then, turn it back on after a few minutes. This refreshes and restarts your device and also, fixes any blockage if there was any. If your internet starts working again, it just shows that there was no serious issue, just that the device was probably overheated or suffered a minor crash.

Move closer to the router or modem

Oftentimes, the problem is not with the device, rather the distance or the blockages and interference. To check whether that actually is the issue, you should try to sit closer to the modem and/or router and see if the internet works. If the internet does work, it means that you were either too far away from the device, or there are too many blockages and interferences between you and the modem or router. This is why the placement of the modem and/or router is crucial and must be decided accordingly.

Try using an Ethernet cable

A wired connection is always better and faster than a wireless connection. If you have some urgent work and cannot afford a poor internet connection, then using an Ethernet cable is better for you. If, however, you have multiple devices that need to be connected, then you can’t use an Ethernet cable for that. You can use it to check if the internet is working or not for now. Connect it to your modem/router and to your computer to see if it is working.

Update your devices

This can also cause a major problem with the internet connection. You need to make sure that all your devices are updated and that includes the modem and/or router as well. If your devices are not updated, it causes Wi-Fi signals to block which results in a slow and spotty internet connection or no connection at all. The solution for that is to update your devices, especially whenever an update is available.

Reduce the number of devices connected to the internet

Sometimes, we have too many devices connected to the internet and that is the reason the internet slows down. To fix this, one solution is to reduce the number of devices connected to the internet. Sometimes, the package we subscribe to doesn’t have the capacity to handle too many devices at once. To make sure you don’t run into this problem from the get-go, you should ask the customer support team of the service provider about the number of devices that can connect to each package. The second solution to this problem is described below.

Upgrade to a faster package

The second solution to the problem of having too many devices connected is upgrading your internet package. If you don’t want to reduce the number of devices connected to the internet, just ask your ISP for a package upgrade. However, don’t think that the most expensive package will fix all your problems. You should do your homework on how much internet speed is required for each activity performed in your home and then, select a package according to those requirements.

Contact provider

If no matter what you tried, your internet still seems to cause problems and doesn’t work, the only option is to contact your ISP and let them know about the problem. It could be that this is not a minor problem that you can fix, rather something on their end. If that is the case, the provider can either fix it on their end or send some pro technician to take a look at your device and determine the problem. Of course, this means the problem is not your concern anymore and they just have to fix it but how long will it take and how many times will this happen?

To ensure that you have a responsive ISP that tries to resolve your problem as soon as possible, you will need to do your research on ISPs and their reviews. An ISP that is slow when solving your problem is another problem in itself. So, do ensure that your ISP has great reviews in terms of internet plans, pricing, and customer service. An example of such an ISP is Spectrum. Spectrum is a well-known ISP available in more than 40 states in the U.S. Spectrum has successfully retained its customers due to its amazing services and good customer service. If you want to be a user of Spectrum or know more about their services, you can reach out to their customer support team on the Spectrum phone number.

Switch provider

If you have tried to contact your provider and even upgraded your package, yet you still face these issues, then it is about time that you change your service provider. Like we said before, finding a good service provider with good internet packages and good customer service and response rate is important. This is exactly why. Oftentimes service providers have attractive and reasonable packages but not a good response rate. So, while you are getting a great package at a good price, you will continue to face problems in terms of internet connection and slow or no response rate. Instead of focusing on which ISP is offering cheaper packages, you should focus on “value for money” ISPs.


So, now you know the possible reasons for the internet connection slowing down or completely diminishing, and you also know what you can do to reconnect to the internet. We do not doubt that you are better prepared now for the next time your internet stops working. We also know that this article must have been very helpful to you.