What can you do to train your cat to behave better around the home?

Introduce your cat to his new home gradually, restricting him to at least one room initially. Isolate other animals from your new cat during this point. Supervise children, advising them to always be gentle with the cat. Have the litter box ready once you remove the cat from the carrier. Show him the situation of the litter box. Offer a bowl of water but don’t provide food for an hour. Your cat could also be bewildered, fearful, or curious. Don’t overwhelm him attentively or demands.

Remember to stay doors and windows closed, and make certain the cat has an I.D. append in the least times. It’s commonplace for cats to leap on top of very high furniture so as to explore or to feel secure. Don’t panic, shout, or run to the cat. When he’s ready, he will come down alone. Attempt to spend several hours together with your new cat as he becomes familiar with your home. Your sensitive handling of the initial transition can ease the trauma and set the stage for a cheerful settling-in. 

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Sleeping arrangements:

Most cats choose several favorite sleeping spots where they will be comfortable, warm, and free from drafts. Providing a bed for your cat may discourage him from sleeping on furniture. A comfortable box or basket lined with soft, washable bedding and placed during a quiet corner makes an appropriate cat bed. Some cats enjoy continually picking new (and sometimes surprising) sleeping spots. If you permit your cat to sleep on the furniture, a washable cover is often placed over favorite spots. A cat’s sleeping spot should be respected as his own. Don’t allow children to disturb your cat when he’s resting. Cats need solitude and quiet time.

Introduction to other animals:

The ability of animals to urge along together within the same household depends on their individual personalities. There’ll always be one who dominates. a replacement cat will often upset the prevailing hierarchy or the old cat or dog may feel it necessary to determine dominance immediately. Wise handling of the getting acquainted period is a crucial think about the successful introduction of a replacement cat. The primary week or two could also be hectic, frustrating, and time-consuming. The adjustment will take time to resolve this issue.