Using Flexography to Print Your Brand Identity on Printed Boxes

For new and small businesses alike, the usage of these printed boxes is of prime importance. Let us share with you some important facts with the explanation as to how does using these printed boxes really give you some advantage.

Using these stylish and functional printed boxes, businesses are given an opportunity to increase their brand awareness with a simple purpose. With flexography technology, you can create a cardboard box that resembles a traditional photo album, which is highly appealing to the eyes. The boxes are made up of special paper, which is in turn laminated with a thin layer of plastic film that protects it from any damages while being used. It is because of this reason that these printed packaging boxes are now being widely used by many companies across the globe.

Using flexographic printing technology, a very thin layer of film is applied on top of the cardboard. As we all know, it is due to this thin layer that the boxes are able to resist any kinds of damages due to exposure to sunlight, heat, moisture, chemicals, and even dampness and dirt. By doing so, it helps these boxes to last for a longer period of time and maintain the original look even after they are opened. These printed boxes are the best promotional item, especially for trade shows and exhibitions because you can provide your company’s name and contact details on these boxes. Since these promotional items are eco-friendly and reusable, it is definitely considered as one of the most effective and cost-effective options for the packaging of goods.

Offset printing is one of the most popular methods when it comes to the production of custom printed packaging. This kind of manufacturing method helps the manufacturers to print on the boxes, without affecting the quality of the final product. When talking about offset printing, you should know that the company mainly deals with the production of cardboard boxes or polythene bags. In the manufacturing process, heat-pressed materials are utilized so as to create the texture on the surface of the products. This is then printed on using an offset printing press machine.

Another advantage of using flexographic printing technology for the production of custom printed packaging boxes is that it enables the manufacturer to create the images using different colors and images. There is also a high rate of consistency when using this kind of method. Another benefit of using flexographic printing technology is that there is no need for a cooling room because everything happens online. This makes the process faster and more efficient. You also do not need to use any special paper or ink when printing the images on the boxes.