Things to do in Sydney

Have you ever been to Sydney and wanted some ideas on how to spend your time? According to Sydney’s blog, here is a list of things that Sydney has to offer.

Famous landmarks such as the Sydney opera house and Sydney harbour bridge are worth checking out. They are Sydney’s biggest landmarks and Sydney must-sees.

The Sydney harbour bridge is the sixth-largest span in the world. It can be viewed from all sides of Sydney, but it looks best at night with its lights on.

Tickets can be bought to go up the Sydney harbour bridge and view Sydney from up high. This is a Sydney activity that not only looks good but is fun for all ages.

The Sydney opera house has been around since the 20th century and became Sydney’s most well-known landmark in 1988 when Sydney hosted the Olympic games.

A tour through the Sydney opera house will allow you to learn about its history and see where famous Sydney shows such as “mamma mia!” have taken place.

Tickets can be bought online or at the door, so plan to avoid missing out on any of Sydney’s great entertainment!

The royal botanic gardens are another Sydney must-see. They are made up of over 10,000 different Sydney plants and flowers, such as the Sydney starflower.

Tickets can be bought to enter Sydney’s botanic gardens and walk around its gardens breathing in the fresh Sydney air and admiring Sydney’s beautiful greenery.

The zoo is another one of Sydney’s most popular attractions and should not be missed out on when visiting Sydney! Please go check out Sydney’s monkey house, koala bear enclosure, or its bird aviary.

You can feed Sydney’s animals, watch them play, and view them from every angle to get a feel for how they live in their Sydney habitat.

The Sydney zoo also has a Sydney aquarium attached to it, so you can see Sydney’s underwater world by walking through the tunnel! Tickets for the Sydney zoo and aquarium can be bought online or at Sydney’s gates.

For Sydney’s best view of the harbour, the bridge goes to north Sydney’s north head. You will get an amazing panoramic view of Sydney Harbour Bridge, opera house and Sydney’s famous beaches.

Comedy lovers should visit Sydney’s comedy festival, which takes place annually in March. Some huge names in comedy perform here, such as Jimmy Carr, Michael McIntyre and Russel Howard!

You can catch the Sydney comedy festival at Sydney’s Sylver lounge and other venues all around Sydney.

For those who want to view Sydney’s local culture, visit one of Sydney’s many markets. They sell everything from handmade Sydney jewellery and Sydney’s famous food!

Explore Sydney markets by going on a little adventure and trying some things you normally wouldn’t try, such as lamingtons or emu burgers along the way.

The Sydney opera house is also home to an art gallery that contains modern Sydney works and international pieces. A cheap ticket can be bought for entry into the Sydney opera houses an art gallery open 363 days a year.

For Sydney’s wildlife, go to Sydney outback to see Sydney’s famous kangaroos and koalas in their natural habitat. It is located about an hour outside of Sydney, so wear comfortable shoes when going there.

Staying in Sydney? Well then, head down to Sydney Harbour for some aquatic fun!

You can boat around Sydney’s stunning water views by hiring your vessel, or you can jump onto one of the Sydney sightseeing cruises where you can view Sydney at its best with a meal or cocktail in hand!

Another activity Sydney has offered is visiting one of its famous Sydney lighthouses.

The Sydney harbour bridge walk is one of Sydney’s most popular Sydney things to do. It allows you to see Sydney’s east side along the harbour bridge path, all while getting a great view of the Sydney silver city skyline!

Sydney’s east coast beach towns are another place you must visit when in Sydney.

You can go surfing or swimming at any time of the year in Sydney’s sunny weather. Sydney has plenty of beaches with parking next to them, so there is no need for a long drive to find a park – bring your towel and relax!

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