How To Bake Potato Without The Use Of Oven

The idea of eating potato especially when it is baked thrills me. There is this crunchy feeling that comes with eating your potatoes when it is baked. The only thing that comes close to this, is frying your potatoes which is more work and the fear of deep frying with olive oil has made a lot of people look for an easier method to have their potatoes looking like it is actually fried when it is not. The best way of baking your potatoes without the use of an oven is having your scalloped potatoes

This recipe is very simple and easy to make. You can now ditch the long process of having to select the type of potato to use, peel the body of the potatoes if you want to, wash it to remove any kind of dirt like dust, sand or stone, removing any growth or stain and you can drain it out with a sieve to remove the excess water while you put in freshwater into it so that it will not turn brown. cutting the potatoes into sizes of your choice or poking the side of the potatoes with a knife for the steam to leave through the opening. Afterward, you have to put oil all over the potatoes and rub the ingredients all over the potatoes while making sure that the oven is already switched on before now. 

While the recipe above is really good. Some persons are so busy that their schedules do not give them the time to go through the process of preparing their potatoes for roasting or baking in the oven while others don’t just have the patience and need simpler methods to bake their potatoes and enjoy it. You should try this special recipe of scalloped potatoes. It is very fast to prepare and less strenuous. All you have to do is, prepare your potatoes by selecting the type and size you like to use. I would suggest you use potatoes of the same size. Why? This is because it gets baked at the same time. If the potatoes are of different sizes, they will get baked from the smallest size to the biggest. 

scalloped potatoes although similar to the oven-baked only need you to add your salt and pepper, place it on your microwave plate and cover it. Press the a button and set your timer to the highest power level indicated on your microwave. Once it is ready, you bring it out and open your potato then add your spices to it while you enjoy the fluffy taste of your potatoes.