How do I start learning physics of kinematics basic class 11?

Kinematics is the branch of science or Physics we can see which is classified as mechanics and it describes the motion for points or bodies or objects and also systems and bodies that consider the forces that make the bodies or points move. This field of study is referred to as the geometry of motion and it is generally regarded as the mathematics branch. This particular branch when we get a particular problem will begin by describing the system geometry and also declaring the conditions which happened initially to form the values of position and velocity and also acceleration for the parts for the system.

The study of the forces on the body is kinetics and this cannot be mistaken for kinematics. Kinematics which is used for Astrophysics will usually describe the bodies which are celestial and also it involves the collection of such bodies. In the field of engineering which involves mechanics and also robotics and biomechanics the field of kinematics is used to describe the system motion that has joined parts for an engine or a robot. This also involves the human skeleton. The analysis of Kinematics is the process of measuring the quantities that describe the motion for the body. In the field of Engineering kinematics is used to find the range of movement for a mechanism and also this involves the reverse and thus kinematics is used to describe the mechanism for motion. In the process with that the kinematics also involves the algebraic geometry for studying the mechanical system.


  1. Here we are talking about transformations from the point of geometry and they are used to describe the movement of components for any system which can be considered as a mechanical system. They derive the motion equations. They are pivotal to the dynamics analysis.
  2. When we consider the position vector for a particle for a vector then it is referred from the point of origin of frame of reference and it thus expresses the distance of the point from origin and direction from the origin.
  3. When we study particle kinematics then it is the study of the particles trajectory. Here the particle position is the vector from the origin of the frame of reference of the particle.
  4. A three dimensional system for a coordinate system will define a particle position. The particle is confined within a plane and there is a two dimensional coordinate system which is sufficient.


Class 11 and Class 12 are the bases or crux for any student trying to study for any competitive exams or even board exams. Simple preparation is not enough for the student to pass. If one needs to excel then there needs to be certain aspects to the preparation process:

  1. First the study schedule is the most important and it is important for any student to understand that a strict and disciplined study schedule can help improve the preparation process. Keeping a close tab on the different chapter for any given subject and giving equal time is crucial
  2. Giving equal time and attention to the subjects and this involves the equal time for study and preparation during the day. It is often recommended that a student should give equal time to the difficult subjects first and then by the end of the day go for the easier tasks.
  3. Solving old or previous question papers. The books like NCERT recommend questions from previous years exams and these prove very useful and helpful to students since apart from practise the students also get an idea on the type of questions they can expect.
  4. Recommend mentors and class guides to help the students to get help as much as possible for any question they are having problem with and have no concept clear.
  5. Get enough time for practice questions. Numerical take up most of the time to prepare. This is a good idea to practise as much as possible. The NCERT book is the best to practise such questions which can give enough conceptual advice for the students.
  6. There are a lot of other concepts which needs to be learnt before jumping to certain other concepts. Hence it is recommended that one should go step by step in their preparation and it might take time but it will thoroughly clear the doubts.

Example question: A man is coming down an incline of angle 30^@. When he walks with speed 2(sqrt(3)) m s^-1 he has to keep his umbrella vertical to protect himself from rain?