Benefits of having upc for amazon?

Many newcomers believe that applying for the Amazon GTIN exemption is a time-consuming and difficult process. You can start applying for an exemption with just a few mouse clicks. Within Seller Central, you can apply for an Amazon GTIN exemption. However, you should have your product name and a selection of product photographs ready before you start the application process, by knowing more from the below link:

You should also include a minimum of two and a maximum of nine photographs that show all sides of the product and its packaging. AMZ also has some requirements for the name and visuals of your product. The brand name you give during the application procedure must be an exact match to the one on the product and/or packaging. Real-world photographs of the product or packaging should be used as product photos. This implies you must photograph the product and package while holding them in your hand or placing them on a table.

  • The product marking should be adhered on the packaging or product indefinitely.
  • On the goods or its packaging, there should be no GS1 certified barcode.
  • You can use this information after you get it.

How to request a GTIN Exemption?

  • Within Seller Central, go to the ‘Apply for a GTIN exemption’ page. When you sign in, it will take you to this page.
  • Select the relevant product category from the pop-up list in the Product Category box by clicking the Select button.
  • Enter the name of the brand/publisher in the Brand/Publisher section. If the things are unbranded, you must enter “Generic” in this section. You can request up to ten exemptions. Simply select “+ Add more brands/publishers” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, at the bottom of the page, click the ‘check for eligibility’ button.
  • Amazon will provide a summary of your eligibility. A checkmark will appear in the Status column if your product qualifies for an exception. You will not be able to proceed if your product does not qualify for an exception.
  • Click the “proceed to submit proof” button if your product qualifies for an exemption.
  • AMZ will ask whether you have a supporting letter from the brand owner, manufacturer, or publisher on the Provide Proof page. Choose “No” if your product is a private label or handcrafted.
  • After that, enter the Product Name and upload product photographs from various angles.
  • Then press the Submit request button. They will call you within 48 hours to confirm that your GTIN exemption request has been approved.


Final thoughts

Using GTINs for your products is always a good thing if you’re an Amazon FBA seller. It improves the credibility of your products and makes it easier for customers to find them. However, there are situations when GTINs for your product are unavailable. This is especially true if you sell under a private label or make bespoke handmade products. You should be wise to make every decision.