Before or After Workout: When is the Best Time to Take a Protein Shake?

Exercise is an essential part of your life that boosts your mental and physical health. It promotes weight loss, boosts your self-esteem, and promotes cardiovascular health. However, you need to know you are getting the most from the exercise. That means providing your body with the necessary nutrients it uses during the workout with a healthy meal. Why is protein necessary when working out? Consuming protein pre-workout or post-workout depends on your goal, and you can take it as a protein shake. However, how do you know the best time to take the protein shake? The following are the pros of taking a protein shake before and after a workout.

The Advantages of Protein Shake Before Workout

Taking a protein shake before a workout has several benefits, as discussed.

  • It Boosts Energy

One significant benefit of protein shakes before a workout is boosting your energy. They provide more nutrients your body needs to carry through the workout. When you combine the protein shake with high-energy-producing supplements like Beta-alanine, you can boost your energy for a prolonged training session. More importantly, it helps reduce muscle fatigue and decreases the rate of muscle breakdown. Therefore, you can exercise for a long time.

  • Supports Fat Loss

A protein shake can be your best friend if you want to lose fat. It boosts your energy, leaving you with more to work out and burn the fats.

  • Improves Muscle Growth

Taking a protein shake before a workout also helps grow your muscles. Protein has amino acids, which are the building blocks of the muscle fibers. Therefore, the nutrients in the protein shake are quickly absorbed and transported to the muscle cells, promoting growth.

The Advantages of Protein Shake After Workout

You can also choose to take your protein after working out. It also comes with its benefits as follows.

  • Hydration

Taking a protein shake after working out can help replace the fluid you lose during a workout. Drinking a lot of water before and during exercise is advisable to replace the one you lose from sweating. Therefore, as you drink water after exercise, consider accompanying it with a protein shake for better hydration.

  • Muscle Repair

The muscle tissues experience tiny damage during exercise. Therefore, they need time to heal and grow. Drinking a protein shake post-workout is the best option if you focus on building muscles. It gives your muscles the nutrients they need to heal fast and grow. Take the protein shake some hours before your next meal to gain more. Remember, timing is very crucial when it comes to building lean muscle.

  • Promotes Digestion

Another clear advantage of taking a protein shake post-workout is improving digestion. It gives you ample energy without feeling full to ensure you don’t miss your next meal. If your mornings or evenings are busy, consider taking protein shakes after workouts to replenish your body without needing to cook breakfast.


These are the advantages of taking protein shakes before and after workouts. Remember, your choice depends on what you want to achieve from the training. Nonetheless, taking a protein shake before and after a workout has numerous benefits.