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HandyCall Adds A Floating Button For Incoming Calls On Android

Floating buttons aren’t a new concept for Android users. You either love them or you find them annoying. However,...

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Bumblebee Gold-Plated Diamond Ring – It’s For Your Finger

Mark Wahlberg may have pulled one over. But that doesn’t change the reality; the biggest star in the Transformers...

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Tabs Board Chrome Extension – Navigate Between Tabs Via Voice Commands

It has been a while since voice search integration was made available for Chrome. One of the differences between Voice...

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Hashtagger For Android Lets You Discover Trending Hashtags Quickly

Hashtags were first introduced by Twitter, but are now used on almost every social network out there, including Google+...

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Block Sender For Chrome Is Spam’s Number 1 Enemy

Are you tired of receiving spam emails? I am too: spammy emails make your inbox cluttered, and though Gmail is...

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Hangar – Use The Notification Drawer To Access Your Favorite & Most Used Apps

Whenever you want to open apps on an Android device, you can do so from the recent apps list, the home screen, or the...

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