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Keep Up With Fun Things In Life With Hooks – Alerts That Matter [iOS]

Using reminders and alerts on an iPhone is a common occurrence these days. You’ll use them to make sure you...

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Enable Twitter’s Two-Factor Authentication Using Text Message

Twitter’s two-factor authentication has been around for a long time now, but it’s surprising to see many...

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Fused Lets You Merge Two Photos Or Videos Into A Single Image On iPhone

Are you bored of applying filters and frames to your photos? Are you looking for something different and more...

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The Importance Of Location-Based Search For Businesses

Much has changed about location-based search (LBS) over the last three years. It’s becoming an integral part of...

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Eat Your Greens: Analyse The Color Of Your Food With Images [iOS]

Don’t forget to eat your vegetables Jonny. Jonny may listen at the dinner table, but when it comes to keeping...

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The Threat Of Exposed Cloud Computing APIs

Cloud computing APIs are facing major challenges due to the growth of cloud in recent times. The major threats revolve...

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