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Revolver Brings Endless Scrolling To iOS 7 App Switcher

The iOS 7 app switcher brought a change over the functions we were accustomed to in the previous versions of iOS. It...

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CallWho Smart contacts widget – Your Favorite Contacts At Your Fingertips

Some of you may have a large number of contacts in your address book. However, not everyone in the list holds equal...

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Expecto Patronum! Harry Potter Patronus Reversible Skater Dress

The Patronus was the most famous defensive charm used in the Harry Potter series. Harry used it several times to...

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ScreenShotAlbum For iOS 7 – Manage Screenshots In A Separate Album

It’s quite easy to take a screenshot on your iPhone. All that’s required of you is pressing of the Home...

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Star Trek Tricorder Messenger Bag – It Will Store All Your Essentials

CES 2014 saw the birth of a real-life tricorder: a multi-function device used for recording and analyzing data as well...

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TypeStatus For iOS 7 Keeps You Updated With Incoming iMessages

iMessage by default has an intriguing feature that lets you know whenever your contact is typing a new message, or has...

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