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What Fruits Can A Diabetic Eat – A Professional Opinion

Hey guys, it is Kimberly again! One of the most common questions I receive, as a licensed nutritionist, is associated with fruits and diabetics. Can diabetics eat fruits safely? Or, should they be avoided, at all costs? The truth of the matter is that some fruits are acceptable, while others are not. Well, what fruits


Living with Diabetes: What Foods Can a Diabetic Eat

Hey there readers this is Kim again bringing you another article about Diabetes. For all those readers I will tell you a little bit more about me. I am currently a licensed nutritionist with a BA in food science and nutrition. My husband Alex, who is a certified personal trainer, helped me create this website


Answering The Common Question – What To Eat When You Have Diabetes

Hey there guys and gals! It is Kimberly here again! Just recently I had a diabetic enter into my business and question me about the foods that they can eat safely. This is a frequent problem that diabetics tend to face. They’re well aware of the foods that they cannot consume, but unaware of those

foods that are not good for you

My Professional Opinion On Foods That Are Not Good For You

Hello there again ladies and gentlemen! I am back again to answer another question, which I receive frequently. What are the foods that are not good for you? In my profession, I am confronted with this question nearly every day! The majority of individuals understand the basics, but they do not know specifically what foods


Learning To Exercise – Fast Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Plan

Hello there again readers, this is Kimberly here. As a licensed nutritionist, I am often required to help people get into shape and lose weight! This is one of the most difficult tasks anyone will ever face, but it is not one that is impossible! Alex and me have helped hundreds of individuals overcome their


Introduction To The Best Over The Counter Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Hello again readers, my name is Kimberly and I am here to tell you a little bit about anti-aging skin care products. I am a licensed nutritionist with a BA in food science and nutrition, so I have a little experience in this particular area. Everyone in the world would love to look young forever,


Answering The Question: What Foods Can A Diabetic Eat

As a licensed nutritionist, diabetic individuals, who have questions about their diets, often confront me. These individuals have a decent understanding of their condition and monitoring requirements. However, they frequently question me about the foods that they can and cannot consume. What foods can a diabetic eat safely, without causing their blood sugar level to


An Opinion Regarding The Best Anti Aging Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin

As someone who works in the food science field, I often encounter individuals who are unfortunately plagued with acne prone skin. These individuals have terrible time trying to find anti-aging products which will not cause their skin to break out with acne and blemishes. This is a frequent problem with a few possible solutions. Below,