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Geoff & Michelle’s Story

“Life is Beautiful”  is one of our all-time favorite movies from director Roberto Benigni.  It is an unforgettable fable that proves love, family and determination conquer all.  I think the reason we love the movie so much is because it ironically reminds us of our



Your Common Questions about Diabetes

To help you understand this condition a little bit better, here are answers to some of the most often asked questions about diabetes (kindly supplied by the suppliers of Glucosium): What is diabetes? Diabetes is a condition where the level of glucose in the blood


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Lose Weight in a Month

In recent years, more people have realized the importance of losing weight and staying in good shape to improve their overall health. Unfortunately, many people are duped by advertising gimmicks to buy unnatural and synthetic supplements to lose weight. Contrary to the common notion, in


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Top 9 Home Remedies For High Cholesterol

Cholesterol has rightfully earned a bad name in the dictionary of health and fitness. There are so many diseases whose occurrence is attributed to the high cholesterol levels. This sinful substance can make you prone to heart attacks, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, stroke, and many more


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Compulsive Exercise and Diabetes

For many people, the most difficult thing about exercising is doing it. Some people, on the other hand, run the risk of doing too much of it. Both extremes are dangerous—not exercising and exercising compulsively. The compulsive exercise addict is someone whose entire life revolves


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Just Keep It In Check!

Great news! The experts say a healthy diet for someone with diabetes is the same as a healthy diet for anyone else. It’s normal, healthy food with plenty of fruit and vegetables, keeping your intake of fats, sugar and salt well in check. When you