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Zenmed Derma Cleanse REVIEW

Zenmed is an American brand that specializes in skin care and sells a range of products that deal with conditions including acne, rosacea, scar care and eczema. The Zenmed Derma Cleanse system is an acne treatment that includes a herbal supplement along with topical skin treatment which promises to treat your acne from within. There are choices available depending on your skin type.

Zenmed Derma cleanse system comes in a choice of products suitable for normal, oily, combination or mature skin. There are also extra products available including the body acne combo and botanical body wash.

Many acne treatments use a combination of chemicals such as sulphur, alcohol, or Benzoyl peroxide to clear acne. Although these ingredients work in the short term, they dry out your skin, so in many cases the body compensates by producing more oil. This means that although many acne treatments improve your skin for about 2 weeks, even more sebum and oil is produced to make up for the “stripping effect” of the chemicals.

Zenmed offers a more gentle solution, that has been created for a long term improvement. The facial cleansing gel is full of natural herbs and ingredients including sage, comfrey and chamomile and deep cleanses and is gentle on your skin.

The acne treatment gel includes witch hazel and salicylic acid – both effective acne remedies.

The final part of the treatment is a course of herbal health supplements. These contain a combination of 15 natural herbs proven to aid the body’s natural elimination processes. This formula is based on the principles of Ayurvedic (Indian) and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Zenmed is a gentle acne treatment that many users have been satisfied with. There are no side effects, it does not aggravate or dry out the skin and for many this system does exactly as it promises. The idea of treating “acne from the inside” makes sense and the treatment comes with a booklet advising dietary changes that will certainly help some people.

Nevertheless, there have been negative reviews. Some users have reported that it simply does not work and although the ingredients of the herbal supplement are safe and used in Eastern medicine to reduce inflammation and excess toxicity, there is no proof that this actually works.

Zenmed looks convincing, is well advertised and will probably not do any harm. It will suit some people but it is by no means the best product on the market. An added consideration is that it is expensive and that there have been delivery problems to customers outside the USA.

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