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Your Questions about Best Skin Care Products

Ruth asks…Which brand has the best line of products? Neutrogena, Clean & Clean, or Clearasil?

I’m trying to look for some new skincare products that actually WORK.  I’ve tried some Neutrogena and Clean & Clear, but both really dried out my skin.  I’m looking for a:

  • face wash for in the morning
  • toner
  • acne treatment (spot gel, cream, etc…)

I have the Neutrogena wave and I like that…but there are just so many other products that I don’t know which one to choose!  I’m tempted to try that Clearasil skin perfecting wash (lol b/c of the commercials) but does it work? Is it better to stick to products all from the same brand? Or mixing several different products from different brands?

Admin answers:

It all depends on what your skin likes so… for example, your skin might like Neutrogena lotion and Clean & Clear face wash. I also have Neutrogena wave so just try mixing up different stuff and see which one is the best for your skin and your skin might like things from the same brand but I think it’s better to use different products from different brands.

Richard asks…girls’ products out there?

What are the best products for…

  • Acne
  • Hair (shampoos, conditioners, “hair appliances”)
  • Shaving
  • Skincare (face wash)
  • Nails
  • Lips
  • Teeth whitening
  • Body (lotions, fitness)
  • Stretch marks
  • Fixing your skin (concealer)

Admin answers:

  • Acne- clean and clear acne kit
  • Hair (shampoos, conditioners, “hair appliances”)- any herbal essences
  • Shaving- intuition razor
  • Comfort food- cheddar cheese Chex mix
  • Skin care (face wash)- Neutrogena wave
  • Nails- angel nails (nail place) wet and wild (nail polish)
  • Lips- American eagle aerie lip stuff
  • Teeth whitening- crest white strips
  • Body (lotions, fitness)- olay body quench, running
  • Stretch marks- cocoa butter stick (from publics)
  • Fixing your skin (concealer)- Neutrogena concealer oil free skin clearing concealer

James asks…Facial care?

I was wondering what the best skin care products for my face are? I’m 24 but I want to make sure I’m taking care of my skin so it looks good when I get older.

Admin answers:

I love Neutrogena, it’s not too expensive, and its keeps my skin very clear of acne for the most part. Also Mary Kay has a very good line of different types of skin care products for all types of skin.

Mary asks…Tanned body but pale face – how can I darken my skin to match?

I have a fairly tanned body, however my face is completely pale! I have put it down to the fact that I have been wearing moisturizer/foundation with sunscreen in it for the past 7 years, and perhaps that I am using Proactiv face care products (they contain benzoyl peroxide – could this perhaps be bleaching my skin?). I am wondering if there is any way I can darken my face to match my body (when I’m not wearing makeup people comment on how sick I look! not the best). Fake tan is not really an option, as I have had bad skin in the past which has only just cleared up (hence the Proactiv).

I’m sick of having to wear makeup always.

Admin answers:

I have a pale face and tan body too. Really tan compared to my face. Like I have a twilight pale face. But honestly, I have intentionally not tanned my face my whole life. I always have to wear make-up too. Just thinking about the future and the damages sun does to the skin makes me stay away from tanning my face every time i think about it. The risks of skin cancer on your face can scar you for life. The chances aren’t really big unless you tan excessively. There is also the premature wrinkles and the invisible damage underneath your skin. Even if you can’t see the wrinkles from sun damage at 50 yrs old, still keep in mind that what you’re doing to your face is not good for it. Our face is our identity. That is why I think of it differently than the body. If something happens to your face you may not even look like the same person. Besides that, the premature wrinkles eventually kick in when you’re getting old and your face will sag like no other. It’s up to you. But worth it to wear the make-up instead of damaging a beautiful face.

Linda asks…What type of foundation will help my blemished face?

I break out a lot. I’ve used all sorts of skincare products but nothing seems to work well. I know I need to improve my diet and water intake. But, for now, I’d like to know which brand of foundation will work best for me to cover up the blemishes. The foundations I use seem to sink into my pores and make them more noticeable. I definitely don’t want that.  Suggestions on good foundation/blemish cover-up?

Admin answers:

I use natural collections spot concealer on my more noticeable spots, then i apply a thin layer of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and that seems to make it look like I’ve got no spots at all, and loads of people have commented on my spots ‘clearing up’. I use a special product that my sister got me and my spots actually are cleaning up, but only ever use a thin layer of foundation otherwise it may clog up your pores making your spots worse.

Ken asks…What type of skin that i have?

I’m a little bit confused with my face skin. I have small pores (invisible pores) on my cheek with black head and white head but no pimples…Can u tell me what the best skincare product is for me?

Admin answers:

Keep your face clean using water, a cloth, and a mild bar soap such as goat’s milk soap.  Have a look here.   You will find dozens of recipes for homemade skin care products.  You will find several that could help you with this.  One thing you could try is a simple dermabrasion.  Mix a little sugar with some olive oil and rub it into your skin.  It should help.

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