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Which Exercise is Best for Safe Weight Loss?

One cans able carry out a healthy lifestyle only by taking balanced diet food and regular physical exercise. Many people finds hard to do physical exercise regularly due to various reasons. Eating healthy foods alone will not keep you strong but physical exercise is must for every individual to improve strength and stamina. Exercise has lot of advantages such as relieves stress both mentally and physically, improves energy, Sharpens memory, improves self confidence, keeps you to feel fresh & younger forever and controls the addiction of alcohols& drugs. Doing exercise daily in the morning will make you to keep fresh and active for the whole day which avoids any stress or tiredness.

Following shows which exercise is best for weight loss:

• Swimming is a perfect choice of exercise: Swimming helps to burn out more calories and puts a stress on the body. It gives perfect structure and works out all important muscles in the body. It’s a cardio workout and a blessing for old age people who need lose extra fats. Swimming requires more muscles to move forward in the water where your heart and lungs will work hard to supply oxygen. Any type of workouts that makes you to breath quite heavier is always good which denotes that your body works hard. The heart and lungs becomes stronger and allow you to do more work out before getting tired and blood pressure is lowered & resting heart rate will diminish.

• Squat the best exercise to strengthen your body: Squat exercise will burn the excess fat & maintain mobility and balance. When you try to burn the calories, you will gain muscle. That is you will loss 50-70 calories each day for gaining muscle (pound). It also helps to build the muscles in the leg, also promote muscle building for the whole body. It will tone your abs, backside and entire body. Doing the squats properly helps to release testosterone hormone in the body. It also improves the muscle mass when you train other parts of the body. The squats help to prevent the injuries in athletes by increasing the flexibility. Squats help to remove the waste materials from the body. It increases the flow of body fluids and supply of nutrition to the tissues in the body. It also removes the digested waste material discharged from the bowels through colon. Squats improve sports performance like fast running and high jumps.

• Some strength move exercise for weight lose: “Tone up all over” exercise will helps to gain muscle strength. You can do this work out two or three times a week. You can take rest for 60 seconds after each set. It improves muscles strength. “Single leg dumb well row” helps hip, back and core strength. You can do three sets a day. “Step up with bicep curl” will help to workout biceps, leg and butt. It burns the fat fast. Finally the “dolphin plank” exercise helps you to strength shoulders, arms and abdomen.

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