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What is the Best Anti-aging Cream on the Market

Age is just a number now. No one wants to look old and take efforts to maintain youthful glowing looks with healthy lifestyles and anti-aging creams. These creams are predominantly moisturizer based skin care products which are marketed with the promise of making the consumers look younger by reducing or preventing signs of skin aging. Anti-aging creams are marketed towards women but there are a wide variety of skin care products which are targeted towards men and are also in high demand nowadays.

Efficacy of Anti-aging creams

What is the best Anti aging cream on the market is decided by what these creams contain. Many anti-aging creams are available in the market nowadays and they are also sold on the internet with a promise to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Anti-aging creams reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and makes skin look younger and radiant .The effectiveness of a wrinkle cream depends, in part, on the active ingredients.

Some common ingredients that may result in slight to modest improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are:

• Retinol: This is a major antioxidant compound which is widely used in non-prescription wrinkle cure and spot removal systems
• Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant which protects the skin from sun damage
• Niacinamide: This complex is derived from Vitamin B-3 that is also called niacin and helps improve skin elasticity by reducing loss of moisture in the skin layers
• Hydroxyl acids: These substances remove the upper layer of old and dead skin to stimulate the growth of smooth and even toned new skin
• Collagen: is the dermal protein that is responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of tissues.

The Anti-aging cream market

So, what is the best anti aging cream on the market? One of the best options in this category is from cosmetic giants like Olay, Garnier, L’Oréal , Ponds etc. to name just a few. These anti-aging creams promise effective anti-aging solutions with patent chemical and naturally sourced ingredients that stimulate and boost skin’s natural renewal process to visibly improve skin texture and tone by lightening age spots and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Most come with claims of glowing visible results in just four to six weeks and spent tons of money on advertisement campaigns by roping in gorgeous and seasoned celebrities to endorse their products.

Everyone who desires to look younger and get radiant skin after crossing the age of thirty tends to start using such creams while their usage seems almost essential after the prime age of thirty five to forty. These specially formulated preparations are usually cream based concoctions that are smooth in their consistency, have slight pleasant odor and are easy to apply.

The market leaders in this category would be Olay age protection products which are authentic offerings from the reputed and world renowned House of Olay. The claim of fighting seven signs of aging has proven to be an effective initiative with many validating the anti-aging capabilities of the complex over the years. Another affordable option would be the anti-aging range from Ponds which is also quite popular in the market while the L’Oréal regenerist range is a premium yet highly effective alternative. These sophisticated creams with creamy textures also nourish skin cells, remove dryness, and balance skin tones to give a soft inner glow that is guaranteed to attract complements.

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