What Fruits Can A Diabetic Eat – A Professional Opinion

Hey guys, it is Kimberly again! One of the most common questions I receive, as a licensed nutritionist, is associated with fruits and diabetics. Can diabetics eat fruits safely? Or, should they be avoided, at all costs? The truth of the matter is that some fruits are acceptable, while others are not. Well, what fruits can a diabetic eat? Below, you will find a professional’s opinion regarding this specific situation.

Serving Size

While it is important to include fruit in your diabetic diet, it is important to keep the serving size to a minimum. It is never wise to consume more than two servings of fruit, because it contains a high content of carbohydrates, which turns to a form of sugar. Fruits are classed as having a low glycemic index score, so they will absorb, digest, and metabolize at a much slower rate that those foods under the high glycemic index.

Fresh, Frozen, or Canned

While it is best to consume raw or fresh fruits, you will also find frozen fruits very tasty. It is important to note that if you select a canned fruit, you should only select those that are stored in light syrup. If you consume the syrup, you should need to add these extras to your caloric intake, because it is going to be filled with calories and fructose. Your best bet will be to drain the juice from the fruit, so you do not have to be concerned about the extras.

Melons are scored with a medium glycemic index, which means that they will metabolize faster. This type of fruit will increase your blood glucose levels faster than fruits that are listed under the low glycemic index.


There are many individuals that love strawberries and blueberries! If you’re a diabetic, I’ve got good news for you! These fruits are more than acceptable for diabetics! In fact, there are many experts, including the ADA, who believe that berries are a super food for diabetics. The reasons will be listed below for your convenience.

• Crammed full of antioxidants
• A great source of vitamins
• Tons of fiber
• Low in carbs

Remember that berries can be transformed into a delicious parfait, by mixing them with non-fat yogurt. This makes the perfect snack and a very tasty breakfast!

A+ For Apples

As a diabetes sufferer, you should know that apples are A-Okay! Whether you’re relaxing at home or on the go, an apple is a great snack option. They’re the perfect size and can be carried along with you. At the same time, you don’t need any special silverware to enjoy a delicious apple. They’re full of fiber and will provide your body with a sufficient amount of vitamin C. If you eat the skin, you’ll also consume a good sum of antioxidants. For that, you truly cannot lose with apples!


Oranges are absolutely perfect for diabetics. First, a single orange can provide you with an entire day’s worth of vitamin C! At the same time, this fruit is low in carbs, but loaded with folate and potassium. This combination can help to normalize your blood pressure! If you love oranges, you can feel free to splurge!

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