What Are The Causes Of Diabetes – Exploring Each


As obesity has grown increasingly worse in the past few years, more and more individuals have been diagnosed with diabetes. This has brought about grave concerns. Although most individuals understand that obesity is one of the causes of diabetes, there are others, which was lesser known. As someone, who works within the field of nutrition, I have a little more insight, which I will provide to you below. Within this article, you will learn about the various causes of diabetes.

Types of Diabetes

While there are two main types of diabetes, Type I and Type II, many pregnant females will experience gestational diabetes, which can be very dangerous for the mother and baby. Each type of diabetes is linked to several different factors. While some of them are controllable, others are not. Below you will discover everything that you need to know about diabetes mellitus.

Type I

Type I diabetes most often affects children, adolescents, and young adults. This form of diabetes is often linked to damaged beta cells, which are responsible for producing insulin. The beta cells may become damaged due to an autoimmune response, where the immune cells accidentally attack them. Viral and bacterial infections can also destroy beta cells, as well. When this occurs, these cells will not be able to produce enough insulin to suffice the body or they may not be able to produce insulin at all. Insulin dependency is inevitable, which will last throughout the individual’s lifetime.

What Are The Causes Of Diabetes Type 2

Type 2 diabetes is much more common than Type 1. Usually, those that are older are much more likely to be impacted, by this ailment. Type 2 typically occurs, when the body is unable to produce enough insulin to keep the blood sugar low. There are numerous causes, but the majority of them involve a sedentary lifestyle. Below, you will find some of these.

• Morbid obesity
• Too much body fat
• Improper eating habits
• Inactivity
• Poor sleeping habits

As you can see, the causes are those that can be rectified. By improving your diet and starting an exercise routine, you will be able to overcome these bumps and avoid Type 2 diabetes.

Risk Factors

There are many risk factors that make individuals at a higher risk of getting diabetes mellitus at some point in their life. I have a family history of diabetes, so I work diligently trying to maintain a healthy diet, lifestyle, and normal weight, so should you.

• Middle aged adults
• Obesity
• Inactive lifestyle
• Family history
• History of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure
• High cholesterol levels
• History of cardiovascular diseases


There are many complications that are linked to high glucose levels, especially, when the individual does not try to take control of their condition. Neuropathy, kidney damage, poor lower circulation, and blindness are only a few complications that are linked to out of control diabetes.


At the end of the day, diabetes can be very debilitating and can impact your life for the remainder. In order to avoid this ailment, it is vital to take steps to improve your overall health. Although some causes are hereditary, others can be avoided and you should do your best to do just that!

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