Top 5 Foods That Boost Testosterone Level

For all men suffering from low testosterone issues, it should be great news that there are several foods that can help them boost their testosterone levels. Low testosterone means low libido and erectile dysfunction, but also other sorts of physiological and even psychological problems, like insomnia, fatigue, depression. Yes, there are various pills that you may take to increase your testosterone levels back to normal, but why not try a healthy diet, first?

There are two basic things that a food should contain, in order to enhance this hormone’s level. First of all, there are various organic compounds that are involved in testosterone synthesis, the most important being cholesterol, the source for all steroid compounds in your organism.

The second one is zinc. Clinical studies have clearly shown that this mineral stimulates testosterone production and not only. It also improves the quality of your sperm. A zinc-rich diet has a significant and noticeable effect on the male hormone’s level in your body.

However, keep in mind that these foods are not miracle-workers. In order to enjoy their effects, you should incorporate them in your daily diet over a long period of time.

If you think you can do that, here are the top 5 foods that boost testosterone levels:

  1. Meat (Especially Red Meat)

Man is often said to be a carnivorous animal, and, no matter what vegetarians say, meat is good! If you eat only vegetables, your male hormone level can drop by up to 14%.

Meat gives you the saturated fats and proteins needed for testosterone production. The trick is not to exaggerate, obviously. Lamb and wild game are perfect protein sources, and even pork does the trick, as long as you eat it with moderation.

Poultry is also extremely rich in zinc, and you have several options: chicken, turkey, duck, goose, and also wild birds, like quail and pheasant.

Finally, tuna is your primary Vitamin D source. This vitamin helps lowering the concentration of a nasty globulin that binds and deactivates testosterone molecules in your system.

  1. Oysters

No wonder that oysters are considered the main aphrodisiac food. These mollusks give you a huge load of zinc, boosting your testosterone levels in no time. Of course, you probably cannot eat them on a daily basis, but you should definitely have some oysters every once in a while. An important thing to keep in mind is not to fry them. The best way to enjoy their nutritional qualities is to eat them raw.

  1. Eggs

As mentioned above, cholesterol is the essential raw material for testosterone production, and, there is no better source of cholesterol than eggs. You can eat up to a daily amount of 6 eggs, if your stomach agrees, and your male hormone level will get back to its normal values.

  1. Brazil Nuts

There is one more mineral that will greatly improve testosterone synthesis: magnesium. A proper dose of magnesium can boost the hormone’s level by up to 25%. Brazil nuts are rich in magnesium and tasty, too.

  1. Bananas

Riboflavin and other B vitamins are great aids for keeping your testosterone up. One of the richest sources of such vitamins is bananas. They contain the enzyme bromelain, proved by some studies to boost a man’s libido. They are also rich in B vitamins, such as riboflavin, which are essential for the manufacturing of testosterone. Pineapples are rich in bromelain as well.


Apart from these 5, there are other food types that can help you enhance your testosterone levels: dairy products (especially cottage cheese, but also milk or yogurt, are good protein sources), garlic, broccoli, red grapes, pomegranate, beans, peanuts, whole grains, oils, pineapple, and spinach.


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