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Teenage Acne Treatment

Many teenagers suffer with acne and although most will get over it by their 20s, acne can ruin the teenage years and turn it into a miserable experience which can often have a long lasting mental affect.

Choosing the right teenage acne treatment is crucial for dealing with the condition and even if you do not cure it completely, you should be able to keep breakouts to a minimum and keep your skin healthy and fresh in the meantime.

Why do teenagers suffer from acne?

Acne is caused by excessive hormone activity – the reason why teenagers are so prey to the condition. With the onset of puberty, hormone production goes into overdrive. This causes changes within the body, including increased sebum or oil produced by the sebaceous glands under the skin.

This extra oil causes the pores to become blocked and in turn, this leads to acne bacteria forming and the production of spots and pimples.

How can teenage acne be reduced?

There is not much that can be done or should be done about hormone activity – after all this is a natural and essential part of growing up.

Teenage acne treatment needs to keep the skin fresh and clear so that new bacteria is not formed and further breakouts do not develop. A bad acne attack in teenage years can lead to permanent scarring so it is important that the teenage acne treatment you choose works.

Teenage acne in boys

For teenage boys especially, it is essential to encourage good hygiene.

Many teenage boys suffer from body acne and this can be made worse by sweaty clothing or not showering enough after sport or exercise. Failure to do this will cause further acne bacteria to grow, made worse by the damp conditions of clothing. Body acne sufferers should always try to wear breathable cotton clothing.

Teenage acne in girls

Teenage girls can often be too focused on their facial acne and cover up blemishes with cheap make up. Oil based cosmetics will only clog the pores and make the condition worse. Try covering up with a medicated concealer stick if you must but try to avoid foundation and heavy cosmetics. Keeping the face bare will help improve your acne.

Treatments that work for teenage acne

Teenage acne treatment needs to be used within a routine of cleansing and moisturizing. A natural product such as clear pores or extreme skin would be gentle on teenage skin and will help clean the pores and heal spots without causing damage.

Some acne products will dry the skin and make the condition worse so a sensible regime is essential.

Finally a good healthy diet, drinking plenty of water rather than fizzy drinks, and plenty of sleep is an important part of teenage acne treatment that should not be overlooked.

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