Symptoms, Causes and Effects of Diabetes

Technically and medically speaking, diabetes mellitus is a biochemical function that can be the result of the environment or a heredity factor that runs through the bloodline in a given family. Somewhat the same as other diseases seem to be within one family and not in another family. Through countless medical studies and experimentation, the medical community now knows this is a direct cause and effect from unusually high blood sugar levels such as hyperglycemia. This malady occurs within an individual’s internal system and will cause havoc and imbalance throughout the system. There are to date three known forms of what we call diabetes:

1.Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is easily controllable through diet and exercise.

2.Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is also controllable through diet and exercise.

3.Type 3 Diabetes Mellitus involves daily insulin, diet, and exercise.

Hyperglycemia or unusually high blood sugar levels is the common denominator that links all three together. Another piece to the puzzle of diabetes and the cause and effects is another less realized form that fits in with the three listed. This one is gestational diabetes and this interferes with latent pregnancy in women who are about to deliver the baby. Sudden as it makes an appearance there is no diabetes treatment other than to deliver the infant.

However, this does signal potential diabetic info for the later years of the woman’s life. This is only a small indicator that the woman will show possible signs of diabetes later in life as she ages. This may indicate to the family medical physician to monitor the blood sugar level over the years as the woman makes appointments for the yearly physical. This is the best possible way to detect anything running foul and offer preventative measures before anything escalates out of control.

Regardless, there are still other measures the individual can take to keep them healthy and reduce the risk of a diabetic coma. The main change will be to the daily diet which will consist of fresh vegetables, such as carrots, lettuce, sweet potatoes, broccoli, sweet corn, and asparagus. Sweet potatoes are especially good to keep in the home, as they are high in fiber and therefore a good food source for adult diabetes. There will also be a necessity to add a variety of fruit to the daily diet as the fruits also offer the necessary vitamins and minerals that the body requires for daily health and well-being. Bananas are also a good source of daily potassium.

Insulin injections may be a possible alternative to treatments for diabetes, but all diabetes is on different levels. The treatments must be indicative to the degree of diabetes the individual is inflicted. There may be other medical factors involved but diabetes research is unable at this time to locate anything different from what is current. Perhaps in the years to come as the research continues the medical community will find a better and more appropriate way to deliver the insulin to those who so desperately are in need.

Irritability, extreme fatigue, nausea, and occasional vomiting are only a few of the very early warning signs that the individual must pay attention. Learning how to change the daily menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is the next step to take and a very important step. Removing all the candy, cookies, cakes, and ice cream and filling the refrigerator with wholesome foods like carrots, celery, tomatoes, eggs, broccoli, green beans, milk, turkey, chicken, and other meats is also a good idea. Adding a variety of fruits to the daily diet like pears, oranges, plums, apricots, bananas, are a good idea for easy snacking when the individual becomes hungry in between meals. This will only enhance the diabetes meal and make it more eye appealing and taste appealing for the individual.

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