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Questions About Zits on Scalp Answered

Sharon asks…Natural hair rinses please?

I heard of rinsing in lemon juice to promote shine. What about green tea? Or others? Thanks

Admin answers:

Well I know that black coffees and teas will make it darker, and usually darker hair shines better. Lemon juice would be good for your hair as it has very nice vitamins in it, but i would only use it if you were also planning to get lighter hair. Lemon is a natural bleach, which is why i like to use the juice for acne scars. Anyway, to get you hair to be healthier looking and stuff, eat foods that contain vitamins b,c, and e and always keep hydrated. Never brush your hair when its wet or it will break, and only brush your hair if you’re going out somewhere or if it needs to be de-tangled. Also, hair is completely made out of protein, so things rich in protein rubbed onto your scalp, like eggs and soybean oil, will make you hair look shiny and healthy and will make you hair grow faster. A tablespoon of olive oil massaged onto your scalp and left on for 20 minutes will make you hair look very healthy, just be sure to not get too much on your face as oil causes zits and rinse it all out so that your hair won’t be all oily like you haven’t showered in forever. Green tea is good also… If I were you, i would do the olive oil thing and rinse it out with rose water, which is good for your hair and makes you smell all rosy. I think you can buy rose water at some stores, but it’s easier just to dry rose petals and boil them in water, then you can use it when its warm or cold…NEVER put super-hot water on your hair. Hope this helps!

Linda asks…ANY beauty/Makeup tips?

Any Beauty related, make up related and hair related for help, like treatments, facials and just any tips you know? Any websites would be nice!

Admin answers:

  • Divide damp hair into four sections and create four buns. Let dry and undo to get nice waves.
  • Dipping freshly manicured nails in ice water makes them dry faster.
  • Shampoo every other day minimum. The trick is to shampoo twice each time (lather, rinse, repeat) to remove oil first time, and clean scalp second time.
  • Tea tree oil is AMAZING for spots (zits) and healing ear piercings. Even in shampoo, it makes your scalp feel great.
  • To create a winged look with eye shadow, use strips of tape at the outer corner of eyes and remove once eye shadow is applied.
  • Apply moisturized on immediately after washing face or showering to avoid that tight and/or dry feeling in face.
  • Avocado, egg, oatmeal, honey facial for dry face. Cumber oatmeal facial for oily.

Thomas asks…Dry skin even after moisturizing? HELP?

Hey, so I have extremely dry skin. I live in Colorado and it’s winter right now, so my skin is even more dry. I have minor breakouts, not too bad. The problem is when I’m done washing my face, I apply my moisturizer and it doesn’t help. My skin is still dry (flaky and peely) and so when I apply my liquid foundation, it dries it out even worse. By my third period class, my face feels tight and gross. Why in the hell is my face so dry, and what can I do to help it??  Whatever you can suggest, whether diet tips, vitamins, or products. PLEASE write it down. I need all the help I can get.

Just a little info on the products I use and/or have tried


  • Winter Solutions (From Avon)
  • Dual action moisturizer (from Clean and Clear)
  • Ponds (the dry skin stuff)

Face washes:

  • Ives
  • Proactiv (currently using- it’s clearing my face, but I don’t know if it’s playing a part in my dryness)

Thanks guys.

Admin answers:

Two things will cure your acne and dry skin.  So damn simple no one believes me: Coconut oil and exfoliating gloves.  Yep, get it in the cooking oil section of the grocery store. It soaks straight into the hair, scalp, and face.

About acne.

There is a misconception about putting oil on acne.

Let’s say your drive way was dirty and you took a glass of water and poured it onto it to clean it.  Would that help or hurt?  IT would make just thick mud.  To clean you need lots of water to flush away the dirt.

Now the body uses both water and OIL to clean.  For the inside it uses water.  For the skin it uses oil.  BUT we dry it out and soap and moisturizers.  Plus we often do not scrub off all the dead skin.  SO when our natural healthy oil starts excreting to protect our skin it clogs immediately and we get zits.

Get some of those scrubbing mits.  I tell you– they are awesome.

About dandruff.

I use the coconut oil on my scalp about an hour before I shower.  Then I wash my hair.  DO NOT WASH IT TILL IT SQUEAKS!  That is a sign you have removed all the essential oils from the hair and have clogged it with the minerals in your water.

Then reapply coconut oil to your hair and scalp by taking about a teaspoon full between your hands, rubbing them together and working them into your hair.  What is left on hands can be worked into the face.  Use more if needed to do the rest of your hair.

Coconut oil is solid at 76º

What this means that as it gets colder outside it will thicken and protect the skin from drying out that much more.  Yes the hair too.

Only thing you have to loose is the cost of a jar of coconut oil.  If you don’t use it cook with it.  In fact I strongly suggest you do.  It is far better to eat than most other oils, except olive.

The gloves will be a worthy investment regardless.

About showers.

We do not need to wash our hair every day.  Showering should be a need not a mindless ritual.  When I shower I wash my hair about every other day or even every 3rd day.  Often I just get in the shower at night and rinse off and do a good exfoliate.  That is IF I can resist the temptation of the massage jet on the shower head.  Yes, I exfoliate with the gloves WITHOUT soap under the shower.

When I rarely get a pimple I just rub it good with a dab of coconut oil as soon as I notice it.  The mess loosens up and seems to go away.  If you want more on acne care let me know in added details and I will ramble on some more about how I take care of them.

Donna asks…Hygiene topics to teach 6th graders?

I’m a nursing student having to teach some 6th graders topics about hygiene.  Can anybody give me some suggestions?  Here is what I have so far:

  • hand washing
  • skin care (e.g. to prevent acne)
  • using deodorants
  • oral hygiene
  • hair care/bathing/showering
  • possible genital care for females (I’d have my female partner talk about this one)

We’re not sure whether or not the school will let us talk about sexual stuff or STDs (and prevention) but I will find that out tomorrow.  Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Admin answers:

1] NOT genital care for either – they would definitely have to get approved thru channels

2] NOT any sex topics (contraceptives, STDs – also would have to go thru channels)

3] Hopefully they already know about hand washing

  • most infections can be and are spread by dirty hands
  • use warm water, soap, and friction
  • scrub each finger, all of fronts/backs of hands

4] Deodorant:

  • wash pits daily (during shower or bath)
  • hairless pits hold less bacteria, so smell less
  • apply deodorant to freshly washed, thoroughly dry pits for best results

5] Oral hygiene

  • brush a minimum of twice daily; ideally after every meal (gotta brush the tongue too – holds lots of bacteria)
  • floss daily
  • use mouthwash without alcohol if you wish
  • dentist twice a year [ teeth cleaning will prevent some dental problems, and filling cavities early will save a LOT of potential pain

6] Bathe/shower/sponge bath (of everything) daily

7] Hair:

  • wash hair often enough it doesn’t look greasy/stringy – some of us need it every day, some once a week
  • wet hair
  • apply a quarter size dollop of shampoo to hands, rub together, and scrub scalp (NOT hair – that just causes tangles)
  • conditioner
  • if needed – a quarter size dollop, applied to hair, NOT scalp – it will just make scalp greasy faster
  • rinse, rinse, rinse

8] My skin care tips (works for me, my kids, nieces, nephews):

  • buy face wash, sunscreen, and moisturizer for YOUR skin type – oily, dry, combination, normal, sensitive
  • wash and sunscreen in AM; wash and moisturize at night
  • exfoliate once a week with an apricot scrub – removes dead skin, old oil, dried sebum [ skin wax ] that clog pores and cause zits
  • almost forgot– keep hands and hair OFF face.
  • older people should add eye cream in late 20s – sixth graders don’t need that one!

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