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Carley asks…Skin Care Questions! Cleanse, moisturize, tone, exfoliate, etc? Huh?!?

I have normal to combination skin type.  It’s pretty normal but can get a little oily and it can get dry around the nose, especially during the winter.  I have a bit of acne, not severe but I have some.  I have blackheads on my nose and whiteheads on my chin, when I suck my lips in and tighten my skin you can see a bunch of little white pimples. I want to know what I should do to achieve healthy, even, clear, clean, and glowing skin! I’ve watched lots of videos on YouTube about skincare but I’m confused! There are so many things you have to do and I don’t understand what these things even do.  What do I do?

  • What do I use daily?
  • What stops the acne?
  • What makes your skin even?
  • What makes your skin soft?
  • What does each do?
  • What are all the things I need to do for my face?
  • Moisturize, tone, exfoliate, what else?!

Also, I have St Ives Swiss Formula Apricot Scrub Blemish & Blackhead control, I heard it’s an exfoliator…..what does it do for my skin? is this a daily thing?

Also I have Biore pore strips, know how to use those, but when do I use it during my skincare routine?

I just need to know what I need to do in order to have good skin. What should my routine be? Oh and if this helps at all, I’m female and a teenager I’m not really asking for product recommendations. I just want to know what order I do these things and what things I need to do and how often.

Admin answers:

Daily – I use an expensive face wash (sorry, but it is really that awesome that’s why I buy it and can’t really recommend a cheaper one.) I use the Philosophy Purity facial cleanser which you can purchase at Sephora.

Stop acne

You should exfoliate once or twice every week. Exfoliate and use a mask every once, twice or half week! Exfoliate means to rid of that layer of excess dead skin which can clog pores and cause more breakouts/acne. Mask is something used to suck up the dirt and bad stuff in your pores, although so many masks never do what they claim.

St. Ive’s – Since you are using St. Ives, I recommend only using once a week, St. Ives’ s Apricot scrub is so harsh! (Believe me, I’ve tried it)

Mask – Aspirin mask gave me clearer skin but only use it every week. It may irritate your skin if you have really sensitive, rosacea or easily allergic skin. I have sensitive/highly allergic skin, and when I first found out about it, I went crazy and did it every day for two weeks AND also used it with another product (which did nothing but irritate, stay with the aspirin only don’t use it with other stuff) I got a really bad allergic reaction and had to go to the doctor. Now I only use the aspirin mask once a week and definitely without that random mask that I bought at the store.

– What is it? The aspirin mask is a mixture of a few pills of aspirin crushed with a few drops of water. WORKS WONDERS!

Biore pore strips- I’m sorry but I don’t recommend these. Although people say that work, they also permanently enlarge your pores like crazy! It happened to my friend.

Toner – to balance the pH of your skin and kind of clears a bit. Toner usually makes my skin dry but I tried Clinique’s mile toner – the green one, and it is not drying for me. And I have really dry skin!

Moisturize – gotta moisturize especially if you have dry skin like me!

I just use Cetaphil’s cream that is not specially formulated for face (they do have face stuff too but I just use this because I’m allergic to so much stuff!) it is very moisturizing but not greasy). Another one that’s good but not very well priced is Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar.  It’s very well-known and definitely good, but so expensive!

For pimples, I use lemon juice! It works pretty well, but nothing wondrous because well pretty much everything else in the market just gives me flaky skin- this does not. Squeeze a lemon into a container into a clean container and refrigerate it (it feels better). You can even thin it out with some water since pure lemon may be too acidic. (I’m not sure about that one) Then after you wash your face, get one of those cotton pads or cotton, and then put some on the cotton pad and rub it on your face.

Tip: natural stuff is sometimes better than all the chemicals =)

There, I hope I helped! You can email me if you have more questions! I can give you more expensive answers it’s just really hard to explain since your question was so ambiguous!

Mary asks…What is your usual skin care routine?

When I wake up in the morning, I usually tone my face with my Neutrogena alcohol-free toner to remove all excess sebum; it’s just an oily gland on your face that can build up overnight. I then cleanse with my Cetaphil Daily Cleanser, I think it’s for normal to oily skin, only my T-zone is oily. I never leave the house without cleansing my face really well, so I also use my St. Ives Scrub, it’s amazing. I then moisturize with my Pond’s Dry Skin Cream, my cheeks are super dry. It’s extremely rich, so I only use like a pea size amount. If you’ve heard of Michelle Phan on YouTube, her skincare line IQQU, I have her acne serum. So if I have any blemish, I apply that on it. It’s so far been working very well.

What’s yours? What skincare products would you recommend too? Thanks. I like to use a lot of skin illuminators too, they just make your face look really glowy and dewy, which I love. After I have all my concealer, foundation, & blush on, I squirt a small amount of my MAC Strobe Cream and gently dab it all over my face. It works really well; I didn’t waste my money.

Admin answers:

I take a shower, using Body & Bath gel, using a wash cloth, including my face. Towel dry.

Put a little bit of Oil of Olay, I said tiny, since my face isn’t oily or dry.  Smaller than a dime size. I get one tiny zit a month or none.  Then apply my eye liner (crayon or big fat pencil liner), and eye shadow to blend.  Then I apply powder foundation using a big brush, from Clarins. I powder blush on my face, using Chanel Blush using big brush.  Origin Sweet Temptation Lipstick.  Takes less than 3 minutes, to do my face.

For my hair, another less than 3 minutes to style. I’m good to go. Doesn’t take much to get me looking my best every day!

Susan asks…I need a good skin care routine?

I have a combination skin. I’m 15 years old, and I don’t really have a ‘skincare routine’. I have been using Clean & Clear Pore Cleanser; it’s not that great though. I’ve been looking up youtube videos and they’re all like, using toners and moisturizers, I’m lost!  Please help, and please recommend something affordable please like Clean & Clear or Neutrogena.

Admin answers:

I’ve been using Clean and Clear before but it wasn’t doing me any favours plus it stings when you put it on. You can buy affordable products and not designer ones just make sure they don’t contain certain things. I recommend using products like moisturizers and toners and scrubs that don’t have the following:

  • Alcohol (alcohol free products work really good with your skin because alcohol products tend to leave skin red, flaky or have some sort of allergic reaction to it (which isn’t attractive). Plus if you have any open pores then alcohol products will sting a lot.
  • Soap (again it can do the above and also increase the number of spots)
  • Perfume (Perfumed products are known for their allergic reactions on skin and also they contain a lot of chemicals so it’s not good for the skin.

I use natural feel good products on my skin like daily scrubs because they do leave your face and skin feeling fresh. Baby lotion or lotion and moisturizer after a shower leave your body smooth and glowing afterwards. Also every month or when you have free time have a face mask (you can buy them or make them yourself). This is your time and trust me it will leave your face feeling fresh and lovely for days. I also sometimes put cold cucumbers over my eyes in the morning for 5-6 min’s to leave them feeling fresh and awake. Sometimes I also rub an ice-cube around my face and over my pores because its meant to freeze the pores when they are closed and eventually they will dry and come off.

Some basic stuff to remember:

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • You can eat crisps and chocolate and junk food but not a lot of it and remember to balance it out and eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid touching your face when your hands are sweaty and touching your spots because you will be spreading more spots around your face.
  • Wash your face with water frequently especially when it’s a hot day.

 Most skin care routines do not take long. Give yourself like 10 mins every morning and night for your face and after a shower for your skin.

Hope this helped.

Donna asks…My skin care routine…. HELP PLEASE?!!?

I’ve been on YouTube and I’ve watched a couple of videos and have come to an ultimate conclusion. This is going to be my skincare routine:

1) Facial wash – RECOMMENDATION? [daily]

2) Cleanser – Aveeno positively radiant cleanser [twice a day]

3) Toner – RECOMMENDATION? [twice a day]

4) Moisturise- Cetaphil daily facial moisturiser/ Olay complete moisturiser [twice a day]

5) Exfoliator – St Ives Apricot Scrub [one a week]

Is that too much? Should I use a toner? And is the St Ives Apricot Scrub a good exfoliator?

Admin answers:

Assuming you are meaning facial not body:

From my experience, I would recommend that you don’t wash your face too much! I’ve been complimented on having nice skin & my routine is:

I usually just wash my face with my body wash in the shower everyday (my body wash is St Ives body scrub – I love St Ives, and the apricot “body scrub” is gentle enough for my face. When I use it for my face, i only lather a little bit in my hands and use it as normal soap…. However, twice a week I will use exfoliating gloves for a deeper wash).

To tone, this will be completely random; I usually make myself a cup of green tea, remove the tea bag, let it cool down and wipe it on my face then chuck it out… Apparently brewing green tea, then freezing it in little ice cubes does the trick too (when you need to tone just grab a “green tea ice cube” and use it on your face as a toner). I usually shower at night so afterwards I moisturize with a L’oreal night cream & I only ever moisturize at night – when you wake up your face should be nice and supple that you wouldn’t need to moisturize in the morning, just make sure you have sun protection for during the day!!

Anyhow, one day a month, instead of washing my face as I usually do, I will use “L’oreal Microdermabrasion Kit” instead (it’s a really strong exfoliator with a smooth finishing lotion, similar to Dr. Lewinns exfoliator).

The above is just from my personal experience, every case is different… Anyway, Good Luck

Daniel asks…I need skin care help! Please?

Okay so I am looking for a new skincare routine. I have been using the Clinique three step skincare system, type 2. It used to work for me and now it doesn’t…..the cleanser really dries out my skin.

My biggest concerns are clogged pores and blackheads. I don’t really have too much of a pimple problem. I do get pimples, one or two. I always have one but the biggest concerns are big/clogged pores – that’s #1.

And then blackheads but they’re not too too noticeable. I don’t have really dry skin or really oily skin. Would that be called normal? I do get acne a little bit under my chin, a little on my chest and upper back near shoulders. I don’t mind it that much because you don’t really see it…so that’s not a great concern.

What products should i use to get rid of my clogged pores issue? What’s a really good skincare that works for you or that would work well for me? Please help! Help me, please!! I don’t care how cheap or expensive – just something that works!

Admin answers:

I use Proactive. Or if you go to your mall’s Bath and Body works and talk to them, they can give you suggestions.

Lizzie asks…Recommendations on a skin care routine?

Cleanser, Toner, Mosturizer? For those who have clear and healthy skin, please answer.

I use Silka Papaya soap, Dove cool cucumber and Green Tea soap, Clean and Clear Sensitive Skin Deep Cleaning astringent, but I don’t have a moisturizer. I guess my skin has improved from previous years of bad break outs, there are still a few above my nose, it gets oily around my nose and forehead sometimes, and my pores are noticeable. Can you recommend some good products? Any YouTube videos with product haul, etc. And, can pores completely close up? These are the questions that have been through my mind, please help.

Admin answers:

Well, even if you do have oily skin– MOISTURIZE. After your skin is stripped of oils and impurities, you need to restore some moisture. My skin used to have a few breakouts too, but I started using Suki’s Moisture Rich Cleanser. It is for all skin types, and tested for sensitive skin. It leaves a slightly thick feeling on the skin, so I would suggest using a toner with it. I use the Burts Bees Tomato Toner with the cleanser. Then apply some moisturizing cream. I suggest using a clay mask around once or week (this really helps oily skin).  It’s good to stick to organic stuff. Chemical stuff, to me anyways, is bad. Maybe try without the clean and clear. Astringents can severely dry out skin to cause more oil, and to cause more breakouts. Oh, forgot to add- buy toner WITHOUT alcohol.

On YouTube, there is a user with FLAWLESS skin. She is called Michelle. Her account is called Michelle Phan. Definitely check out her routine. Also Reiberry has good skin too, so check out her routine as well.

Pores cannot close up if it is expanded too much. The only way to close would be using laser (or something like that). Ask at your local spa.

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