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Questions About Pimples On Scalp Hair Loss Answered

Sandra asks…Is there a birth control that doesn’t have all the freaky symptoms?

Like Dark patches under eyes, scalp hair loss, severe depression, bone density loss, etc… And instead, one with ‘side effects’ of increase in sex drive, increase in breast size, no dark patches, light/no periods, light cramps, better skin…

I am currently on Depo Provera, and I am scheduled to get my second shot today. Reading about the side effects and reviews sort of scare me and I’d rather go on something less risky. I haven’t gained all kinds of weight on the shot, I’ve actually lost some, and my sex drive is still there but sometimes I just feel Blah and the whole bone loss thing doesn’t seem healthy.

I’ve picked out 2 other BC that seem okay  but again.. reviews/opinions have sort of scared me.

Estrostep and Yasmin-

They both have the same ‘weight gain, nausea, tiredness, etc.’ side effects.

The one that really worried me was Yasmin; some people said they went from having no acne ever to huge cyst like pimples that left deep scars. I personally have never had a problem with acne, and I don’t want to start now. But then other reviews of the same pill said they wouldn’t change it for the world and they are extremely happy they went on it. Please help. Haha, that would be awesome to have a male ‘pill’. Thanks for all your help.  I decided to quit the shot and go on some sort of pill with less serious health risks.

Admin answers:  All of the hormonal birth controls are going to have some kind of side effects that are similar in a given person–the hormones they contain act as neurotransmitters, so will affect mood in some fashion. And they all will have some similar effects on sex drive. One person might not have any effect, but another person, who has an effect from one birth control pill, will likely have an effect from a different pill, because the hormones used aren’t that different from each other. The estrogens are all the same, just different dosages.

Robert asks…pbm on hair fall ….serious pbm?

I’m 22 yrs. girl, had long and thick hair in my school days, but now I loss my hair day by day, it’s very thin now, I went to doctor and  he gave me “pilogro” lotion and some medicines when I use it I had pimples he gave me “adapulene” gel it’s not working, then he gave “Himalayas” acne ointment, it’s all not working I tried it for 4 months, then discontinued, then  now I’m seeing another doc, he gave me “scalp” shampoo and “clotane” lotion and some medicines but it’s also not working, I lost my hair in top of the head, I’m afraid a that i ll became bald, but all my family members have good hair, so anyone please help me to stop my hair fall and pimples.

Admin answers:

I had the same problem, years ago, but mine happened while I was pregnant for my 1st child.  (NO, doesn’t mean you’re pregnant)  Anyway, it’s almost always hormonal when women lose their hair.  The other problem is the types of shampoo that you use.  Are you on birth control pill, patch, whatever? Anything that is adding hormones into your body?  That would be the first thing I recommend you stop.  At least for a while.  The next thing would be, if you wash your hair everyday, stop.  Washing everyday strips the hair of needful moisture and causes the sebaceous gland in your scalp to over produce to try and replace it.  Start using a soap called Castile Oil Soap.  A company called Dr. Bronner’s makes an excellent product (the almond smells very yummy) that is 100% organic.  You will need to use a conditioner or rinse afterward especially if you have long hair.  Now, to get your hormones back in balance, you could either use chaste tree berry (aka Vitex) capsules and/or drink red clover tonic tea.  As for the pimples, make sure you are changing your pillow case daily or at least every other day, keep your hands away from your face, don’t scrub the skin it makes it worse.  You will actually be able to use the same castile soap for your face and body that you do on your hair.  He also makes a bar soap if that’s more to your liking.  Tea Tree oil is the herb of choice for pimples/acne.  Also use witch hazel extract (not oil) for a toner and PURE aloe gel/juice for your moisturizer.  There is so much more I want to share, but, I don’t think you want to read this forever.  Feel free to email me anytime.  Good Luck!

Richard asks…Questions about Deprovera Shot?

I am 21 and on the depo shot and i have been experiencing  black spots and numerous pimples on my face, headaches, dizziness, emotional problems, very stressed, nervousness, loss of scalp hair (alot), decreased sex drive, my bones crack constantly even when I walk, bloating, and extreme weight gain.

I told my doctor and she said it was the best birth control for me because I have had an STD before and Mirena would make me infertile if I was to get it and receive another STD.

I didn’t get my shot on the 17 and have been experiencing cramping in my stomach, headaches, and eye spasms….please help.  What should I do, should I get a lawyer? I have been on the shot since July btw and I was due for a shot Jan 17th.

Sorry not lawyer i was reading other things before I typed that! I meant to say another contraceptive. She won’t give me mirena or implanon…my doctor says implanon is the same as the shot! I won’t remember to take the pill I am a very busy person!

And btw I’m married. The decrease in sex drive is driving my husband crazy. We could use condoms but a contraception is better…condoms break…that’s how we got our 2nd daughter.

Admin answers:  Firstly, why would you need a lawyer?!

You are having stomach cramps and headaches because you didn’t get the shot when you were due it – your hormones are now changing, and you might start bleeding as well. You could go onto the contraceptive pill, although if you are having all these side effects from the depo injection, it may be better that you use a non-hormonal type of contraception – condoms, a diaphragm, something like that.

Mary asks…Are the side effects of masturbation reversible?

I’m 16 turning 17 in 5 months. I’ve read a lot about masturbation and its side effects like hair loss/thinning, illnesses etc.  Thankfully I don’t think I’ve been experiencing any of this, but it has gotten me scared so I plan on never masturbating again. My question is though, are the side effects of masturbating permanent? Or can it be reversed?

Additional Details:

And the reason I got scared was because they said that it can create a lot of DHT. This is a hormone that can cause hair loss. A lot of signs of too much DHT are bumps or pimples on your scalp. I’ve been getting them lately.

That’s the thing, I’ve done research and I’ve found this research.  But I’ll take your advice, a lot of people seem to be saying the same thing.  But I still plan to stop masturbating, I heard it causes you to get tired, and it does stuff to your appearance.

Admin answers:  If what you fear were actually true (which it isn’t) then 99% of all men would be bald and constantly ill.  Do some actual research on the subject and not just what other tells you.

George asks…What type of scalp infection / disease might I have?

For the last ten years or so, I have been losing my hair.  I am a female and am only 27 now and the doctors have always said that it’s alopecia, the MALE pattern type.  Or hormones.  They don’t really know and have no way of testing.

Over those years, and more so now, I have had these sores that appear on top of my head.  Sometimes they appear as very sore pimples with no head.  They do not go away on their own.  The pain becomes so unbearable that they have to be scratched open.

After being scratched open, they form little mountains.  One pimple forms several mountains.  They feel as sore as an infection.  They get this orangey-yellow moisture that eventually dries into orangey-yellow scabs. My scalp itches for weeks and these typically form scabs and sometimes indented scars in my scalp.

What could this be?  It’s very painful and seems to be getting worse.  Even the dermatologists I’ve seen haven’t determined what this is.

My hair is so thin now that these stand out a great deal.  I typically have several on my head at any given time.  It looks terrible and hurts badly too.

Cortisone (even prescription strength) doesn’t help.  I’ve been on several types of antibiotics over the years and this had never improved due to them either.  I’ve tried a lot of different shampoos.  Nothing has helped.  I’m at a loss and could really use some advice.  Thank you.

Admin answers:  I’ve had this condition when I was 6 but i. Think your infection was much worse than mine. I also have no idea on how i got it. I only had one small pimple that was itchy and red that had this yellowy goo on it. I think this will work for you because it did for me but you will need doctor’s prescription:  Elocon 0.1% Lotion 30mL

The full cost is around $15 depending on where you live but if you have health insurance then it probably costs around $5.  Hope you get well soon.

James asks…Can anyone tell me who is the best skin specialist in Bangalore?

I am suffering from a chronic skin disorder that is folliculitis on the scalp and seborrheac dermatitis and also pimples. My face is very oily and I sweat a lot. I am 27 years old. I went to each and every skin specialist in my home town but no one could cure this. The results were short termed. As soon as i discontinued the medications my problems returned. I am suffering from hair loss due to this problem. There is lot of irritation on my scalp due to these lesions on my scalp. I take bath every day with dandruff shampoo. I have heard a lot about Dr. Bhatra in Bangalore. Please tell me is it worth going to him and also someone please tell me who is the best dermatologist in Bangalore.

Admin answers:  You have a problem of oily skin and too much of sweating.  You may first want to take some steps yourself.  Well, if you wish to take certain measures yourself then try these:

  1. Avoid applying any oil, creams or lotions on your scalp, face and body.
  2. Avoid hot spicy food and chocolates
  3. You are overdoing the things perhaps – should restrict washing your body using soap to once or twice a day only.
  4. Avoid anxiety of whatever nature.
  5. Get yourself a good air conditioner which maintains good temperature control as well as humidity control.
  6. If you are not allergic to Doxycycline, then take one tablet or capsule (100 mg each) twice daily for 7 days and then switch over to one daily for the next seven days. You will be OK.

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