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Questions About Ear Pimple

Mark asks…My ear hurts all around inner and outer?

Well my ear is sore to touch both inside and outside. I don’t really know the parts of the ear, but it’s around the area that it curves and you get piercings in. Oh god. I hope you know what i mean.  Anyway, it has a weird bump inside, and it’s starting to burn a bit. I know it isn’t an ear pimple thingy, because I have had those before and this defiantly isn’t that.  Last time I got a ear infection is around when I was 8. I’m 13 now. And don’t say its cause the climate. I live in Arizona and its pretty much 85 degrees sunny every day.

Admin answers:  Is it red, does it have a bump? Or is it just sore? You could be getting a minor cyst, and might need an antibiotic, but you also may have just slept funny, and it will go away. Put a warm to hot wash cloth over it, for 10 minutes, then wrap an ice cube in the wet wash cloth and put it over your ear. Try it, it should really ease it. Keep alternating this way, and see if it gets better. If a pimple does come up, just apply the warm washcloth.

William asks…Cell phone radiations and pimple on ear?

Hi, I and my boyfriend talk a lot on phone and I mean a LOT, like hours at a time, since past few months. A week ago, he had this pimply thing on his left ear where he holds the phone and his ear ached very slightly, when touched. 2-3 days later, I get similar thing on my left ear too (where I hold the phone). Is this any sign of cancer or something? I read somewhere that cell phone radiations may cause cancer/brain tumor. Should I be worried? Please help.

Admin answers:  OK – it is probably nothing, but if the pimple doesn’t clear up and remain painful, has it checked.  My husband has an acute melanoma (skin cancer) which began as a small pimple behind his ear.  He thought his glasses irritated it. Thank God he didn’t ignore it any longer than he did.

As for whether or not cell phones can cause cancer – no one is sure.  If they were, cell phones would be banned or radically changed.  However, we suspect it may have contributed to his melanoma since it is where he holds his phone.  We doubt that it caused it – but who knows.  Why not be safe and cut back on your phone time?

Whatever, do not ignore a pimple or anything that causes worry or stress.  Better to find out that it is “nothing”.  But even if told it is nothing, if it does not clear up, keep making doctors check.

Richard asks…what causes a pimple to form behind the ear?

Admin answers:  All clogged pores cause infection no matter where your follicle is… Hence scrubbing behind your ears! Good luck!

Donald asks…Ear piercing pimple? Help please?

So I saw some crusts (I guess that’s what that was. It was just a little build up, nothing bad) in one of my ear piercings that is not sensitive to silver. In my other ear, however, there was like a pimple IN the hole… and it popped (because I was trying to clean my earring holes). But this ear this sensitive to my (real) silver earrings. After it popped I got some rubbing alcohol to clean it. I don’t want to take my earring out because I don’t want it to close and it hurts when I put the earring back in.

Should I just let my piercings close? Change to gold? Or can I overcome the sensitivity somehow?

Admin answers:  You shouldn’t be taking the jewelry out in the first place because that’s what it sounds like you’re doing from what you said. You need to keep it in while your ears are still healing. And you shouldn’t really change the jewelry until its healed either and this is because you want your body to get used to having the foreign object in it since it wasn’t really intended to be there. It sounds like your just irritating it and that’s why you have what you have. Hope this helps.

Sharon asks…I appear to have a tiny lump in my ear lobe, I dont think it’s acne. I’m a 14 yr old boy.

I have a small round lump in my ear lobe, I don’t think it’s a pimple because it’s in the lobe not coming out or anything. My ear is not pierced; I’m 14 years old, and im a male. If that helps. What do you think it is?

Admin answers:  I get those all the time, I had them before i got my ears pierced and after, they are kind big, they don’t come out, but they hurt if you squeeze them. Don’t worry, it is acne, my mom gets them too.

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