How to Prevent Bad Hair Days

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman – your hair, if you still have it, is your crowning glory. By that coin, a bad hair day is a day on which you wear a tarnished crown. It makes you wish you could conceal every unwieldy strand from public scrutiny. Here are some tips on preventing bad hair days so that you can step out with your crown in the best possible shape each day.

Take good care of your crowning glory

To begin with, get a good haircut, already. Without that, nothing else you do to prevent bad hair days will have any effect worth mentioning. A good haircut comes from a good hair stylist, not an amateur whom you give detailed instructions.

Once you find such a hair stylist, stick to him or her for dear life and don’t go shopping around for cheaper alternatives. Remember, you always get what you pay for in life, and that very true maxim doesn’t change for hair stylists. Refuse to entrust your hair to a trainee.

Trimming your hair at home is generally a bad idea, but if you absolutely have to, use professional hair cutting scissors. These should be used for nothing else. While trimming your own hair, do nothing more than evening out the hair that frames your face.

Grasp a few strands at a time and do not tug while cutting or you will end up chopping off more than required. Do make doubly sure that this doesn’t happen, remember to cut beneath your fingers, not above them instead of on top of them.

Maintain strict hair hygiene at all times. If you allow your hair to become dirty and oily, it will tend to hang in clumps from your scalp. Find out what the correct shampoo for your hair type is and use only as instructed.

If you have oily hair, avoid shampooing it on a daily basis because cleaning it too often permits oil to sink into the glands. This will make oily hair a lot more difficult to deal with.  Also, avoid ‘all-in-one’ shampoos like the plague – it is important to use a shampoo that has the proper ph balance. Consult your hair stylist if you want to change shampoos.

Similarly, steer clear of products that claim to make your hair shine and use hair conditioner only on the ends of your hair strands.  Hair conditioner must not get in contact with your scalp at any times. If your hair is chronically dry, you can go in for hot oil treatment.

Finally, your diet is also a vital factor in preventing bad hair days. Stay away from oily, deep fried foods as far as you possibly can and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

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