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Omega 3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Human Health

Generally speaking, one should never take too high dosage of omega 3 fatty acids. However, there exists one “if” clause associated with above statement.

Too high dosage of omega 3 fatty acids is not at all recommended until and unless you are taking them under guidance and supervision of a health care provider and are suffering from chronic inflammation conditions like Arthritis, Psoriasis, or you have bad cardiovascular conditions like high cholesterol levels, fluctuating blood pressure, etc.

In such health conditions, one needs comparatively high amount of these fats daily, to first fight with these conditions and then help to increase the immunity and get protection from various ailments.

Although, these fats have marvelous and unmatched health benefits, one should not overdose the same. We must not forget the old saying – “Excess of everything is bad”. Same holds true for these fats too. Below are the side effects of consuming too high dosage of omega 3 fatty acids –

  1. Omega 3 fats have blood-thinning property i.e. they can dissolve all the clogs in the blood. Although, this property is effective in reducing risk of heart attacks and strokes. However, the overdosing could dilute the blood beyond permissible limits. This could lead to fatal conditions.
  2. Consumption of too much of fatty acids could results in excess decrease of cholesterol and triglycerides levels. You have to be cautious, if you are already on blood sugar or cholesterol lowering medications. High dose of these fats could interfere with the medications.
  3. The body can convert DHA Omega 3 fats to a chemical called Resolvin D2, a known anti-inflammatory agent. This means that over consumption of these fats could hamper the body’s inflammation cycle.

One more point to remember is that deficiency of these essential fatty acids does not go away in one day. Consuming them in large quantities, once a month is not recommended. Instead, a daily and regular ingestion is more effective.

Now that you know that too high dosage of omega 3 fatty acids does not help in any ways, in-fact it can be dangerous too. Therefore, it is in your interest to find out a high quality fish supplement and start taking it in optimal quality daily.

However, if you are a senior person or you are suffering from a health condition, please consult your physician so that the negative effects of too high dosage of omega 3 fatty acids do not affect you.

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