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Richard asks…Any suggestions for oily skin? Home remedies? Something?

I have tried most of the soaps (Neutrogena, St. Ives, ProActive) and I do all the powder stuff, and they work for a little while. But I come back 30 min. later and my face is really oily, especially around my nose and eyelids. Oily to the point that my makeup slides off.  Suggestions? I’ve heard vinegar works. Is that true?

Admin answers: I know this may sound like the weirdest thing ever, but I can promise you this totally works. After spending countless hours surfing the web and trying to see what will matte my skin, I have found it. Well, them.

-Milk of Magnesia. Don’t knock it before you try it!!! I’m serious! Go buy a bottle of the stuff (its super cheap!) and make sure its not flavored. Shake it up really well and apply with your fingers and rub it in where you need it. It really does matte your skin. Use this as a primer or make up base and it really does hold up to the oil. It is also safe to use on your lids too.

-Katie B. Ulimatte: This gel really works with supressing oil. In combination with the milk of magnesia, my face is shine resistant. You can purchase this product on She also has other great make up items such as her Falsh Lash Mascara which is my personal favorite!

-Bare Minerals Mineral Veil: To finish out my oil-free face for the day, I swipe on some mineral veil. I also use this as a primer for my oily lids before I use eyeliner and it makes my liner last for hours.

George asks…Oily Skin. Acne home remedies?

Hey! I have oily skin that shines really fast if any lights are on me and its embarrassing at school as well. If I wash it with soap it gets really dry, going from one extreme to the other. Anyone else have the same problem? When I say it gets oily fast let say from 7:30 it starts at about 9:30 through the whole day, embarrassing! I just want something to keep the shine under control and keep my acne at bay. Then I will be happy no matter what happens.

Please help me. I will be eternally grateful if it works!  One more thing. My school is dusty which probably doesn’t help.

Admin answers:

2 tbs. Organic unrefined Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with 8 oz. or so of water. Drink it in the morning and before bed. Will alkalize your body and balance the oils etc… Also as long as you avoid too much grain and sugar, it will also rid you of acne and protect you against a host of other things like colds and flu. Good Stuff!

John asks…Good home remedies to get rid of oily skin?

Dont tell me, “soap and water”.   If you’re just going to tell me that, gtfo now.

  • I eat healthy [no junk food and a load full of fruits every day]
  • I drink a lot of water and juice and every morning i have green tea w/o miss and milk at night
  • I protect my face; clean bed, clean face.
  • I wash 2 times a day. I’m happy with my cleanser, toner and moisterizer. i dont over wash?
  • I don’t stress, I’m HAPPY:]

I don’t understand how I still have oily skin. Home remedies that will work please! and when will the changes show? when will the results show?

Admin answers:  Rub some whale blubber or oil on your skin. Gets it right off.

Sandy asks…Home remedies for oily skin?

My boyfriend has very oily skin he tries the Neutogena oily Skin stuff but nothing works. Does anyone have any home remedies because as soon as he washes his face, its oily within a half hour

Admin answers:  100% aloe vera gel. Use it every night on clean skin. Wash it off in the morning.  It controls oiliness without drying out skin.

Lizzie asks…I have oily skin, what home remedies do you recommend?

Admin answers:  Go to the drugstore and buy a small bottle of Phillips Milk of Magnesium, put all over face, let dry, rinse off with warm water, do this every morning and before bed.

Donna asks…Do you know of any good home remedies for oily skin and pimples?

Usually, on my nose and above it.

Admin answers:  Apply a thin layer of plain milk of magnesia, let it dry for 15-20 minutes, rinse off w/ cool water & a clean wash cloth. Plain milk of magnesia will absorb excess oil & temporarily tighten pores.

Aspirin will promote cell turnover & keep pores clear. Crush 4 – 6 plain, uncoated aspirin tablets and mix it w/ a little water to make mask. Or mix them with Queen Helene Mint Julep mask or aloe vera gel instead of water. Apply a thin layer to your clean face & let dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off w/ cool water.

Charles asks…Home remedies, for oily/acne prone skin?

I have tried a lot of home remedies for my skin, and none have ever worked. I struggle with oiliness and acne, please help. I love the convenience and cost of home remedies. I also love thoughts and opinions about products that i should look into, drugstore or high end brands.

Admin answers:  Biore products! I tell this to everyone because they work! Pore unclogging scrub every morning and night toner after you wash each time pore strip once a week to clean pores and get rid of nasty black heads.


Admin answers: I used to have the same problem. An easy to make home solution is to take 1 avacado, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1/4 cup uncooked oatmeal. Mash it together in a bowl, the avacodo will suck of the oil in your skin, the oatmeal will exfoliate and get rid of dead skin, and the honey will leave your skin smooth. It really helps with getting rid of oils, but not over-drying your face.

Chris asks…Any home remedies for oily skin? Mainly for your T zone area?

Admin answers:  Plain yogurt… Spread thinly on face leave on 3 minutes( enzymes in yogurt help deep clean and exfoliate) go a step further by letting it dry and in a back anf forth motion with your fingertips exfoliate it off cornmeal and yogurt scrub…once a week  scrub your skin with this…mix it in a paste and rub off…rinse well.  Here are others:

  • Egg white mask…beaten egg white and spread on skin with facial fan brush…leave on 10 minutes rinse well
  • Pulverize a few strawberries and spread on skin…the acid is astringent and helps to naturally mop up excess oil…rinse well
  • Zinc internally from vitamin shop is good for oily skin
  • Beta carotene internally is as well
  • Lipoic acid is also
  • Milk of magnesia also makes a good clarifying mask believe it or not

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