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Naturally Caring For You and Your Baby With Omega 3

Discover the purest and freshest Omega 3 fish oil.  Omega 3 in pregnancy is an important part of maintaining good maternal and fetal health, though few health care providers even bring it up with pregnant patients.

Pregnancy is a beautiful miracle, but also one that can be demanding for a woman’s body. A growing fetus has many more nutritional demands than healthy adults do. That new life is building organs, bone and tissue that adults only have to maintain.

Because of this, fish oil is much more important for the health of both the mother and developing baby .Omega 3 fatty acids are critical for fetal neurological and vision development in the womb. New research, stated by the American Pregnancy Association, also links fish oil consumption with lower risks of pre-term labor and lower risk of pre-eclampsia.

It is also thought to increase birth weight and gestational weight. Larger full term babies tend to sleep better and have more success breastfeeding than smaller babies. That is reason enough to consider adding fish oil to your pregnancy diet.


The benefits of Omega 3s extend beyond your pregnant months into motherhood. DHA is an important ingredient in breast milk, so you will want to consume significant amounts if you plan to breastfeed.

Deficiency in Omega 3 also increases a mother’s risk for depression and post-partum mood disorders. In those first few months of your baby’s life, it is important to have your wits and ample amounts of patience. Fish oil can help you get through this rough stage of hormonal upheaval.

Unfortunately, very few obstetricians take the initiative to discuss the importance of Omega 3s with their patients. Therefore, it is important for you to take the first step, as you will want a physician’s approval before adding anything to your diet, while pregnant.

Xtend-Life Supplements

Oily, cold water fish that contain large concentrations of fatty acids also tend to contain high levels of mercury. Mercury is toxic to any adult in high enough amounts. For pregnant women, even smaller amounts can result in devastating side effects to their fetuses. Your doctor will probably recommend that you take a good quality fish oil supplements.

High quality supplements, such as Xtend-Life, have purification processes in manufacturing that remove all traces of mercury and other toxins. You can receive all of the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids, without risking poisoning, or putting up with the fishy taste and smell day after day. Xtend-Life supplements are odorless and tasteless, making them easy to swallow for those with the most sensitive nostrils and queasy stomachs.

In pregnancy, a woman’s most primary thought is the well-being of the life she is growing inside of her. For your baby’s health and proper development, fish oil plays an important role. You also need to think about your own health, which often is neglected post-partum, as you try to keep up with the demands of your needy infant.

Fish oil is critical to helping you maintain a cool head, evening out your mood swings, despite your radically changing hormone levels. Omega 3 in pregnancy and after child birth is beneficial for keeping both you and your baby healthy and happy. Be sure to click here to learn more about our preferred product of choice for healthy and safe Omega 3 in pregnancy for you and your unborn baby.

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