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Natural Weight Loss Supplements’ Myths and Realities

Natural weight loss supplements have always been around, but it was in the year 1994 that the industry received a major fillip when the Congress deregulated the health industry by passing the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. Ever since then this industry has mushroomed into a $15 billion-a-year business and today, a good decade-and-a-half after the rapid growth of this industry, medical professionals are getting somewhat concerned by the fact that some of these supplements are hurting, instead of helping the people taking them.

Available over the counter, these natural weight loss supplements come mainly in the form of pills and herbs, and claim that their usage will help weight loss in a safe way. Many users do not even question this claim, believing that anything labeled “natural” must be safe. But, this is not true, as many people who were desperate to lose fat have discovered.

The reality about natural weight loss supplements

Lots of the natural supplements typically work by suppressing the appetite, controlling carvings for food, burning fat or speeding up the metabolism. It is generally also recommended that a multivitamin tablet be taken along with these natural supplements in order to avoid setting in of any nutritional deficiency.

Ephedra, a common natural weight loss herb, has been associated with high blood pressure, palpitations, seizures and even strokes! Medical professionals have discovered that the Chinese herb, Aristolochia Fangchi, can cause kidney failure and urinary tract cancer.

However, not all natural weight loss supplements are bad. Special mention must be made of Apple Cider Vinegar, which is safe, effective and has no side effects. It can be consumed by all ages, not just for its weight loss benefits but also for its general good health qualities.

Propolene pills are recommended mainly for obese people; Didrex is known to stimulate the nervous system; Hoodia works by suppressing hunger, but there’s been some media noise lately about its side effects too.

The bottom line is that people should educate themselves and consult their doctor before taking any natural supplement. One wrong supplement can play havoc with the body and it pays to be cautious. With all the negative brouhaha surrounding natural supplements, researchers have come up with a safer, scientific and more effective option – fat binders!

Introducing fat binders

Fat binders are the new weight loss kids in town and are being fast latched on to by people who have heard about them. Fat binders, as their name goes, bind to fats before they are digested, and ensure the body does not absorb them.

Under normal circumstances, the body absorbs the fats present in the food and breaks them down. These fats float on the stomach’s surface waiting for their turn to be absorbed.  However, if you take a fat binder before food intake or immediately after, the fat lipids are pulled by the fat binder, the two entwining themselves to form a large and insoluble mass that is treated by the body as waste and eliminated.

Medical research has proven that fat binders can reduce obesity, and to cap it, the FDA too has approved several fat binders – people can take them without fearing any health hazards. As with other natural weight loss supplements, fat binders must be taken after consultations with a health professional. So, what’s the best fat binder going around in town? Find out below:

Proactol is considered an effective fat binder

Proactol, a “natural” fat binder, has now established a mainline presence and is currently dominating the fat binder market. The reasons are not far to seek – (i) it is made of plant extract and is, therefore, natural, organic and safe, not only for vegetarians but also for vegans; (ii) it does not contain any substance that may cause allergy; (iii) it does not contain any artificial colors, flavors or even preservatives, and (iv) it has no clinical side effects.

When Proactol enters the system, it binds with the undigested fats and together they form a fluid gel that cannot be absorbed by the body. This mass of fluid gel is then considered as waste material by the body and it gets excreted out of the system. Clinical trials have proved that Proactol can prevent about 28% of the dietary fats from being absorbed by the body. Proactol also suppresses the food cravings in a safe manner unlike some other natural weight loss supplements such as Ephedra, which acts as a vaso constrictor and just speeds up your system.


Well, the conclusion is obvious – while there’s no doubt that natural weight loss supplements are made using herbs, their safety is considered questionable because of some adverse side effects they have been found to have; there may be some exceptions though, e.g., Apple Cider Vinegar. So, if you were given a chance to use something that is backed by science, approved by the FDA and really effective, would you still go in for these disputed natural weight loss supplements? No, of course you wouldn’t, because fat binders like Proactol are not only more effective but are also known to carry no adverse side effects. Therefore, it naturally makes good sense to use natural weight loss supplements that are backed by scientific credentials, rather than experiment with natural substances that can harm the body.

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