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Making Healthy Decisions Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Great Tasting Food

I’m no expert on dieting. Although I should be for as long as I have been dieting (my entire adult life). I will be 42 this year, it just gets HARDER and HARDER. I’ve tried starving myself (NEVER a healthy or smart choice). I’ve tried water pills, colon cleansers, green coffee, appetite suppressant (some work ok, until you come off them). I’ve done the cabbage soup diet, the 5 day cardiac diet; I’ve tried Weight Watchers and the Adkins diet. I’ve tried everything short of healthy eating and exercise. And I have the nerve to wonder WHY I keep struggling. I started this journey over in my life (AGAIN) weighing 184, that’s more than I weighed when I was 9 months pregnant 15 yrs. ago. I’m down to 167 today with the aid of appetite suppressants. Still nowhere near my goal for someone who is only 5’3”. Let’s face it, I will only gain it back and then some once I stop taking the suppressants. Ugh!!!!

As a result of my poor eating and lazy habits, I see my son mirroring my actions or lack there of… I get it, sometimes it’s just easier to run through the drive thru at Mickey D’s or Taco Bell. Lord knows their food taste better than mine. And I would guess that most of us that struggle with our weight choose that bag of chips over the apple or banana for many reasons. But as a parent it is MY job to teach my son how to make healthy choices as well as the consequences for bad ones. The best way for me to do that is to stop being a hypocrite. My husband and I made the decision to change the way we eat and try to incorporate more exercise into our routines. My boys are way better at the exercise part than I am. I work 2 part time jobs, I have limited mobility because of an injury to my back and leg, I feel like I have laundry to do ALL THE TIME (give me a minute…I know I can come up with some more excuses…) Oh yeah, I’m just LAZY!!!!!

We decided to do the New Living Diet. We have started this “New Living Diet” off with my husband and son first. Only because they don’t want or need to lose as much as I do. Not to mention it can be costly.  Because it can be costly we made the decision to replace only 1 meal and all snacks, for now.

My son eats a sensible breakfast. It usually consists of oatmeal with whole grain toast, breakfast burrito wrapped in low carb tortillas or a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheat. We quit letting him eat school lunches and now we pack a lunch. He’s lunch usually consist of a sandwich (no mayo) on whole grain bread, small snack size bag of fruit, V8 splash drink, a bag of protein chips (we get from Warner Vegas) and a nutri-grain bar. For supper he has an entree dinner (we get that from Warner Vegas also.) His favorite so far is the chicken pasta. It is a portion controlled, high protein, low calorie meal. He also drinks the Shake Shake protein drinks. He likes the chocolate because it tastes like a yoohoo. For snacks he will eat either the protein chips, fruit or a protein bar. (Which by the way, will give any candy bar a run for their money)   My son is 5’5 1/2″ (Can’t forget the 1/2) and weighed 175 lbs. when he started this diet 2 weeks ago. At his first weigh in last week he had lost 7 lbs. (clap clap, YOU ROCK, son). He weighs in again this weekend… He was a little disgruntle when we started this because, well he just likes to eat. And was afraid the food would taste like “diet food”. I can honestly say he hasn’t eaten anything so far that he has not truly enjoyed. And that’s saying A LOT for a 15 yr. old boy. While I was packing his lunch this morning he said “Mom, I tried on one of my shirts that was getting tight. It fits better now.” (High five) My husband started this a week ago weighing in at 235 lbs. He weighs in for the first time this weekend. Can’t wait to see how he has done this week. Same as our son, he hasn’t tried a meal yet that he doesn’t like. This one is the pot roast with gravy. It has some small potatoes that come in the meal but I added some mashed cauliflower and a spinach and strawberry salad. This entire meal is only 343 calories with 33 grams of protein.

The Vegetable Lasagna with a small salad, Italian dressing and some orange peppers and peach tea. All part of the “New Living Diet” at Warner Vegas (excluding the peppers). This meal is 334.50 calories with 28 grams of protein.

We love that we haven’t had to give up great tasting food in order to eat healthy or smart.

Wanna take it with us???

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