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Make Your Baked Goodies Diabetic-Friendly!

When you shop at your favorite grocery store, and you walk by the bakery, you smell the aroma of wonderful baked goods. You know if you eat them, you blood sugar level will be sky high later on. You can recreate some of your most favorite recipes by using sugar alternatives, whole grains and healthy fats. The next few tips will show you how to create interesting foods that are good for you, and will not cause your blood sugar to spike. Below are some ideas for making what may be some of your favorite foods. What you learn from this article, you can apply to all recipes you want to make diabetic friendly.

Raisin Bran Muffins

You can make diabetic friendly raisin bran muffins that you can enjoy any time of day with meals or a snack. You can find a recipe that you life for raisin bran muffins and use Brown Sugar Twin or its equivalent, which is sugar free, in the place of the brown sugar in the recipe. Substitute whole wheat flour for white flour in the recipe. In the place of oil, use 1 cup of applesauce, or substitute the amount of oil used in the recipe with an essential oil, such as olive oil, or sunflower oil.

Baked Apples

If you like baked apples, and you find a recipe you would like to make substitutions, you can make some really good baked apples by substituting Brown Sugar Twin for the regular brown sugar. You can also use a sugar free soft drink to use as liquid in the bottom of the baking pan. Bake according to the instructions in the recipe you found.

Banana Bread

Find a recipe for Banana bread that you like and then make it healthy for you, as a diabetic. Use whole wheat or whole grain flour in the place of white flour. Substitute the sugar with a sugar substitute such as Splenda. Substitute the brown sugar for Brown Sugar Twin or its equivalent. Substitute the butter or shortening with a heart healthy oil, and follow the rest of the recipe and bake according to the instructions.

Healthy Pizza

If you like to make pizza from scratch, substitute the flour with whole grain flour. Use olive oil in the place of another type of oil (if used in the recipe). Substitute the cheese with a 1 percent milk fat cheese. Cover with your favorite veggies and bake according to the recipe’s directions.

The tips above are just the beginning of a better way of eating. Making healthy recipes with whole grain flour is healthier than using white flour because whole grains have fiber, which stay in the stomach longer. When you eat foods with whole grains, your blood sugar levels will remain stable, rather than spike and then plummet, as what happens with foods made with white flour.

By substituting healthy fats for butter, margarine, shortening, and other solid or semisolid fats in recipes will give you the essential fats you need to stay healthy. Healthy fats are good for your heart, lungs, eyes, nerves, and brain. As a person with diabetes type 1, type 2, juvenile, and gestational diabetes, it is important to have at least two teaspoons a day of healthy fats.

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