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How to Lose Neck Fat

Quite often, overweight men and women undergo a very blunt situation in which extra fat gets accumulated in their neck. It leads to many health as well as social complications. In any case, getting rid of that double chin becomes imperative .It not only leads you to a fitter life, but it also adds elegance to your demeanor. Before starting to dream about a fat-free neck, you must note down that getting rid from it is as difficult as breaking ice with your hands. You are required to dedicate your heart and soul towards exercises. Side by side, you have to control your food intake. Exercises never provide 100 percent relief. They have to be blended with a controlled diet plan to achieve satisfactory results.

1.) KICK-START YOUR DAY WITH A BALANCE DIET: Diet plays a vital role in reducing body fat. We all know the importance of whole grains and fruits in reducing body weight. But in case of a double chin, you have to pay more attention to a specific type of ingredient, FIBER. Without thinking much about anything else, start consuming fiber rich fruits and vegetables such as oranges, beans, lintels, cranberries, kidney beans, French beans, strawberries, oats, spinach, almonds, sesame seeds, bananas, peaches, raisins, apples, guavas , and so on.

Fiber rich diet makes your digestive system work in an effective manner. The entire system slows down leading to a fuller stomach for long durations of time. And it will ultimately help you to cease the untimely process of binging on other snacks and nibbles. Additionally, you have to cut down on saturated fast food items. Packaged food is like poison for a person who is looking for easy ways on how to lose neck fat permanently. You have to strictly concentrate on lean food items such as lean meat and fish. Red meat adds undesirable fat to the body. Hence, it must be banished from your diet completely. In a nut shell, you have to manage your diet to get maximum benefit from the exercises that follow.

2.) PERFORM PLATYSMA EXERCISE: This is a specialized exercise to reduce the size of your double chin. You perform platysma exercise in the following steps:

a.) Open your mouth as wide as possible.

b.) Stretch the lower lip.

c.) Bring the lower lip closer to the upper row of teeth keeping your jaw muscles tight.

These steps should be performed 10 to 15 times at a stretch. It tightens the loosened muscles around the neck area , thereby, giving you a leaner look.

3.) DO THE HEAD TILTS: Tilting your head makes the neck thinner by losing that extra fat through sweating. You should perform this exercise carefully because there are chances of muscles rupture. Follow these steps to become a master of this exercise:

a.) Sit straight on your legs. Keep your hands on top of your thighs.

b.) Look straight for some time. Make a balance and relax your body.

c.) Take a deep breath. Hold it. And tilt your head sideways. Say, to the left side with ears facing towards the shoulder. Bring your head back to the normal position after holding for 2 to 3 seconds. Then, release your breath. Keep it in mind that you have to hold on your breath for 3 to 5 seconds.

d.) Again, perform the same step but towards the opposite side i.e. right side. Release your breath after bringing the head back to normal position.

e.) Now, tilt your head forward. Try to bring your chin as close to the chest as possible. Breathing style should be the same like in previous steps.

f.) Tilt your head backwards. Take it back to only that level where you don’t feel any pain in the neck.

g.) Perform this exercise for 10 to 20 times in a day.

This exercise tightens the loose muscles around your neck. And it also helps to improve blood circulation in the neck area. Good blood circulation assists in losing fat quite rapidly.

4.) CHIN LIFT EXERCISE: In this exercise, you tone down the muscles of your jaw and neck by lifting the chin in a specific manner. Follow the exercise steps listed below to get rid of neck fat permanently:

a.) Sit or stand with your back straight.

b.) Relax your body by taking deep breaths for 3 to 4 minutes.

c.) Slowly tilt your head backwards so that it makes an angle of 90 degrees.

d.) While looking up towards the ceiling,  gather your lips and bring them up in a way that you are trying to kiss the ceiling.

e.) Count ten while holding the same position.

f.) Release your lips. And come back to the normal position.

g.) Repeat the same steps for 10 to 15 times at a stretch without breaking the process down.

5.) NECK ROTATIONS ARE A GOOD ALTERNATIVE: Rotating your neck not only reduces fat from the neck area, but it also stretches the shoulder muscles .Overall, it is a perfect warm up exercise to ensure effective returns from other neck and chin exercises. The neck rotation exercise steps are listed below:

a.) Stand with your knees wide apart. Keep your hands on your waist.

b.) Rotate your neck in anticlockwise direction slowly. Repeat this for 5 times.

c.) Then come back to the normal position.

d.) Now rotate your neck in the clockwise direction for 5 times in a row.

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