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Hair is one of those assets that enhance one’s appearance the most. But most people are facing various hair related problems, which includes the likes of hair loss, thinning hair, split ends, etc. The factors which cause the hair to become weak include- excessive stress, hormonal imbalance, pollution, nutritional deficiencies, and allergies, use of chemicals, heredity reasons and poor hair care routine.

Today various expensive treatments are available, that can help you achieve your dream of strong and healthy hair. But you can simply ensure the same without spending much, if you follow the tips mentioned below.

EAT HEALTHY- One of the most important step, that not only ensures strong hair, but also keeps you healthy overall. For strong hair, you must include fish, meat, vegetables and fruits in your diet. You can also take multivitamin pills after proper consultation. Make sure you treat yourself with enough protein every day.

DRINK WATER- Drinking 8-10 cups of water daily would be super beneficial for your hair. Don’t feed yourself on coke when you are thirsty!

DO NOT OVER-CLEAN YOUR HAIR- If you wash your every day, it will get greasy and brittle as shampooing strips your hair of the natural oils. Also try replacing you normal shampoos with those that are 100% natural. If you take any hot oil treatments, make sure that you apply enough good quality conditioner later on.

DE-STRESS YOURSELF- Prolonged stress is known to hinder hair growth. At the times of stressful situations, taking stress would only do more negative to you. So try and relax as much as possible. To get rid of stress, you can practice stretching, meditation, yoga or any other technique that suits you.

MASSAGE YOUR SCALP- Regular massaging of the scalp improves circulation and brings out the natural oils. You can try it for a few months and notice the difference yourself.

APPLY EGG- Make yourself a natural remedy, comprising of coconut oil, honey, and eggs. Mix half a cup coconut oil with honey and two egg whites to make a paste. Massage this paste into your hair from root-to-tip. Wash it after an hour. Do this twice a month, and people will start noticing change in your hair.

Other than the above mentioned tips, make sure that you don’t over brush your hair, and you don’t comb your hair wet.

Give up smoking. Following these tips religiously will certainly help your hair become strong, healthy, and thick. Now you know how to make your hair stronger. Choose method that suits you most and start your path to healthy and strong hair.

Effects of Aging Can be Delayed

As our body age, tell-tale signs start to pop up all over. We’d notice things like greying hair, wrinkled skin, eye bags, etc. We’d feel weaker, not as vibrant and youthful. We might even begin to experience memory loss and slowness of thought.

And there’s plenty going on in our body too, though we can’t see them. Taken together, these are effects of aging on a person which many health experts have opinions about how to postpone their onset.

Healthy Heart

Plenty of advice can be found online on keeping the heart healthy. One such website is the National Health Service of the UK, where they discuss their top 10 tips. Let’s look at five of them briefly…

  • Get active with 20-30 minutes of aerobic activity of moderate intensity each day.
  • Quit smoking, as studies show that heart attack risk factor falls drastically by half just after a year of not smoking.
  • Manage your body weight by eating a well-balanced low-fat diet with plenty of fruits and vegs. This combined with regular exercise prevents you from being obese.
  • Stay away from salt — don’t add it to food, use less when cooking and avoid processed foods (which usually has high salt content).
  • Have 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

Healthy Mind

Keeping the mind sharp while you age can be challenging. One of the key principles is to keep it active with mental exercises. And eating a proper diet actually helps, surprisingly, as mentioned in this article.

Eating plenty of fish has been shown to be beneficial in lowering risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a common problem affecting the mind of elderly people. Here, it is the omega 3 fatty acid DHA, found in fish like salmon, cod and tuna, that is the “food for thought”, so to speak.

In the Chinese part of the world, older folks are advised to play mahjong and do Tai Chi exercises to prevent Dementia, which is a type of cognitive decline. The Western equivalent is perhaps playing bridge or Scrabble, and keeping active with sports.

Healthy Looks

This is likely to be the department which bothers many a people. Whether they admit it or not, most people would prefer to retain their youthful looks and not appear their age too soon.

The most common solution to aging looks is to turn to cosmetics for help. Quite often, facial creams and skin care lotions are used to cover those external hints of growing old, especially noticeable on the face. So-called anti-aging creams are very popular because of unique ingredients that can hydrate the skin, improve blood circulation and provide needed nutrients to this largest organ of our body.

Additionally, there are always dietary supplements that can help to nourish the skin from the inside. Products that can improve collagen production, have antioxidant properties, provide protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays, promote growth of health nails, etc., are useful in this respect.

There’s No Need to Worry

As you can see, there are simple steps to defer visible effects of aging. So fret not, because undue worry will only add stress to the body and this will definitely show up on the face!

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