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L-Arginine Effects on HGH

L-Arginine is an amino acid considered to be a very powerful HGH releaser. Healthy levels of L-Arginine in the bloodstream ensures that you age gracefully as years pass. Anti-aging creams and HGH injections are expensive HGH products and are known to cause unwanted side effects. L-Arginine on the other hand is completely safe and effective. It is due to the fact that the body, specifically the liver, synthesizes enough Arginine to trigger human growth hormone production.

Fact: L-Arginine is completely safe and effective

However as a person ages, the body needs more L-Arginine to trigger HGH production. This is where supplementation of L-Arginine and other amino acids become extremely important. It should be noted that L-arginine is an ideal and potent releaser of HGH among individuals between the ages of 25 and 45. Younger individuals should never take L-arginine supplements since their bodies are still able to produce high amounts of arginine. L-arginine over dosage is known to cause unwanted, irreversible side effects. Although HGH injections take effect faster than HGH supplements, they are relatively expensive when administered in the long run.

L-Arginine Supplementation Guidelines

Arginine should only be administered in short intervals. Taking it continuously is not recommended as the effects of Arginine as a growth hormone releaser is highly unpredictable.  It is best to stop L-arginine supplementation for two weeks before taking it again for another four weeks straight.

As you grow older, your body will need more Arginine in order to produce ideal levels of HGH by the anterior pituitary gland. This is due in part to the fact that the growth hormone releasing effect of Arginine substantially decreases with age.

L-Arginine supplements should be taken on an empty stomach. The interaction of L-Arginine with other amino acids and insulin may reduce its effectiveness in triggering HGH production. The complete absorption of L-arginine can only happen when the bloodstream does not contain other substances that may reduce its effectiveness and growth hormone-releasing action.

L-Arginine supplementation is contraindicated among the younger population. For individuals who want to use arginine as a workout supplement, it is recommended to consult with your doctor first to assess if long bone growth and development are already complete. Side effects usually appear when younger individuals take supplementation of L-arginine in high doses.

There are a myriad of L-Arginine variants that are commercially available today. It is recommended to take them in low dosages first. Check in with your doctor so you know the level of potency an L-Arginine variant may possess. Artificial L-arginine may cause excessive vasodilation which may result in blood pressure anomalies.

The dosage of L-Arginine is based on an individual’s age and weight. It is important to remember that taking too much Arginine does not amplify its potency or effectiveness as a natural human growth hormone releaser.

Caution should be observed by individuals who are inflicted with herpes and pseudomonas infection when taking L-Arginine.  L-Arginine is known to increase the rate of growth among individuals suffering from Herpes and Pseudomonas infections. At the same time, it also enhances the immune system. It is recommended to undergo a complete physical checkup before starting on L-Arginine supplementation. This will ensure that you only get the positive effects from L-arginine administration rather than complications that may contribute to health deterioration.

The Other Uses of L-Arginine

L-Arginine has a direct relationship with HGH. Aside from being an HGH releaser, it is also responsible in the production of creatine, a substance that bodybuilders need in order to build muscles and lose fat at the same time. Aside from its muscle-building function, creatine is also responsible for removing waste products after tissue construction and repair. It ensures that all by-products are removed from the bloodstream right away. This action then results in faster recovery, efficient wound healing, and increased immune system function.

Aside from facilitating waste product removal, L-Arginine is also known to produce Nitric Oxide. This substance helps in optimal circulatory function as it acts as a natural relaxing factor in blood vessels. The relaxing effects that it has on the circulatory system do not affect systolic and diastolic blood pressure, which makes it the ideal supplement among individuals who are at risk of heart diseases. It is also proven that nitric oxide has the ability to convert short term memories to long term memories, however the mechanism by which it does is still unknown.

In order to maintain ideal levels of Nitric Oxide in the body, one should take L-Arginine supplementation. This is for the reason the Nitric Oxide is only produced by L-Arginine.

Youthful levels of L-arginine also facilitate faster wound healing. Recovery slows down as one ages, and it is the duty of L-Arginine that cell and tissue integrity is maintained in adults.

One indicator of youth and vigor is sexual potency. The younger generation is known to have healthier sexual response compared to those between the ages of 40 and 60.  L-Arginine has been proven to increase the stamina, strength, and sexual libido. Those who want to enhance their performance in bed should seriously consider taking HGH supplements as it carries ideal L-Arginine concentration which can then promote sexual potency and libido.

It is undeniable that L-Arginine contributes in reversing the signs of aging. It triggers continuous, healthy production of the human growth hormone which in turn ensures optimal health and well-being. Deficiency in the natural production of L-Arginine can be resolved by taking HGH supplements or L-Arginine products in prescribed dosages.

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