Do You Know That (Some helpful health trivia for the diabetics)

L-CARNITINE transforms the fats into energy and helps to control GLYCEMIA.

VITAMIN B+ stimulates the pancreatic secretions, besides benefiting the heart tissue.

ARGININE acts as a mobilizer of the fats, helping with their transformation into energy. On the other hand, it stimulates the secretion of insulin and helps it to operate as an anabolic hormone.

ORNITHINE also stimulates the secretion of insulin. Moreover, it helps to increase the arginine levels in the body.

GLYCINE helps the release of glucagon, used in the treatment of GLYCEMIA, since it metabolizes the glycogen in order to be released later on in the blood as glucose.

CALCIUM PANTOTENATE is essential for the conversion of fats and sugars into energy.

The ANTIOXIDANTS that make up this preparation are indispensable to stop the effect of the free radicals, and their “activation” allows results that have not been obtained up to now in the treatment of all the processes that originate the oxidative stress.

FOLIC ACID, VITAMINS B12, C and B6 are incorporated to increase the defences and to help with the recuperation processes. The biocatalysts such as ZINC are essential to help with the biosynthesis of insulin.

POTASSIUM regulates the metabolism, since GLYCEMIA causes losses of this action.

MAGNESIUM is as well very necessary to transform sugars into energy.

LETTUCE EXTRACT has been incorporated because it is proved that it is able to reduce GLYCEMIA by more than 30% in diabetic patients.

BLUEBERRY EXTRACT contains antocyanosides and tannins, that improve the microcirculation, and also has chromium and other oligoelements. Chromium operates with insulin in the metabolism of sugars.

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