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Keratosis Pilaris: How to Manage this Condition

Do you have white bumps on your skin and they are near impossible to get rid of? Many patients are dealing with this skin condition, it is called “keratosis pilaris”. There have been numerous studies conducted on the condition to assess what the root cause is and which treatments are most effective. There are varying opinions as to what works, but it is essential to use the most effective options. Here is a look at the best treatment options for keratosis pilaris. It is not necessary to continue to struggle with these white bumps for the rest of your life.

Regular Use Of Lubriderm

It is critical to begin with a bottle of Lubriderm and apply this on the white bumps regularly. This is to ensure the skin is being moisturized as that can be a major cause for concern when it comes to keratosis pilaris. By using this cream, the patient is going to be assured of at least providing short term relief from the problem. This will enable you to focus on a more comprehensive treatment moving forward. It is essential to remember, this treatment often is all that is required for mild versions of keratosis pilaris.

Topical Steroid Creams

For those with severe concerns, it is time to step up the strength of what is being applied on the white bumps. A doctor is going to assess the condition and provide you with a topical steroid cream for better results. This will ensure your body is healing at a pace, which is sufficient. These topical steroid creams are not going to be used for the rest of your life. They are often prescribed in one-two weeks bursts to see how the skin reacts. The doctor will aim to lessen the impact of the skin condition prior to moving towards the next step in your treatment.

Regular Use Of Cleansers

It is important to have a thorough skin care routine in place, which many people don’t have. A cleanser such as Cetaphil can go a long way in helping the body restore its skin to how it used to look.

These are all recommended treatment options for those who are dealing with this skin condition. Yes, it is going to be frustrating and in most cases, it is going to be chronic, but it does not have to take over your life. Have a quality treatment plan in place and the results will come.

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