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How To Keep the Weight Off AFTER the Diet

How do YOU think about your weight and food? Do you know that your weight loss mindset can predict if you’re going to put the weight on after your diet or not?

In order to keep the weight off after your diet, you must have a weight loss mindset change – a fundamental shift in the way you see yourself and food.

Here’s how to do it:

A lot of people – including those using a diet delivery service – make a fundamental mistake when losing weight. They see it as a temporary thing. This makes sense. After all, we’re programmed to see diets as temporary – just reduce your food for a while and then when it’s all over – you can go back to ‘normal’ eating.

The problem is that for most of us, ’normal eating’ is what got us into trouble in the first place. Most of us gain weight because of one simple reason – we ate more than our bodies could burn off – day in and day out. This can be in the form of ‘sneaky calories’ that we don’t realize we’re eating (like that 500 calorie mocha-latte we had for a snack) or that bowl of gummy bears that actually adds up to about 600 calories (but doesn’t fill you up since it’s pure sugar with no fat or protein).

It can also be in the form of just not watching what we eat, going out too much and too little exercise.

No matter where those calories come from, the name of the game if you want to keep the weight off is to start re-adjusting your calorie count to be in line with what your body really needs.

But here’s what will make things easier for you in terms of mindset: View This Process as a Lifestyle Change.

Oh sure, you may not use a diet meal delivery service forever (or you may just switch to a healthy meal delivery service if you like the convenience). But eventually you’re going to be eating less overall. There are ways to do this so you don’t feel deprived. For example, there are foods you can choose that will fill you up and taste delicious. For example, instead of 600 calories of gummy bears (about 1 cup), did you know you can have a huge bowl of fresh strawberries (2 – 3 cups) and even add some greek yogurt for under half the calories (about 150 – 250)?

Or instead of that 500 calorie mocha latte, try cutting down to a latte made with non-fat milk and no calorie sweetener to slash those calories to about 120.

So the name of the game if you want to change your weight loss mindset is to slowly incorporate lifestyle changes that you can live with – not that make you feel deprived. You’d be surprised at how little changes can really add up!

And I’ll say it again – you don’t need to feel deprived!

For example, I have a low-calorie, low fat, sugar-free brownie recipe that I’ve perfected (it did take a few try’s I will admit!). And based on calorie counts, it takes 3 of those brownies to equal 1 store-bought brownie that I used to buy.

So instead of the store-bought high calorie version, I just enjoy 1 of my own recipe – and save two-thirds of the calories. Plus, to me they actually taste better than store-bought! Making this kind of fundamental weight loss mindset change does take time – but if you work on it (especially as you’re losing the weight), you’ll find that before long, it becomes second nature.

And by making this shift, you won’t be like 95% of dieters who gain the weight back after the diet! You can do it!

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