Insulin: Your Ally in Managing Diabetes

Purification of insulin came about in the 1950’s and 1960’s and is on a new awakening march to the present. Much has been learned and refined over the years and the individuals suffering from pre-diabetes, type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes, and type-3 diabetes today are the beneficiaries of hundreds of years of study. Years ago most of the individuals receiving a diagnosis of diabetes had a short life span and ultimately died within a few years, but today this is different. Today individuals are subject to the diabetes test, given a definitive diagnosis of which type of diabetes they have, and given a glucose monitor to test their blood sugar during the day.

The beta cells within the pancreas is where the insulin is manufactured and excreted into the individual’s blood stream during certain active periods of the individual’s daily routine. Individuals with a diabetes diagnosis of type-1 diabetes do have a problem because their pancreas ceased producing the lifesaving insulin. The medical physician will discuss the alternative lifestyle the individual must adjust to in order to remain healthy.

Insulin injections then became a possible alternative to treatments for diabetes, but all diabetes is on different levels. The treatments must be indicative to the degree of diabetes the individual is inflicted. There may be other medical factors involved but diabetes research is unable at this time to locate anything different from what is current. Perhaps in the years to come as the research continues the medical community will find a better and more appropriate way to deliver the insulin to those who so desperately are in need.

Medical physicians and the individual will at this point in time decide the best recourse to prevent this type of incident from occurring again in the future. The high blood sugar levels by this time will have leveled off to a more palatable level to allow the individual to function properly again. The intake of the insulin is to monitor and the individual receives explicit instructions on what to do and how to react from here. The blood sugar level from this moment is to regulate through a diabetes prescription of insulin and the individual will administer the correct dosage every day as the medical physician instructs.

Diabetes is the result of the individual’s body to not produce or respond to insulin. The pancreas is where natural insulin is producing and when the pancreas is not functioning properly the end result is one of four forms of diabetes. The simple fact that the pancreas is unable to function properly causes the breakdown of other organs and can ultimately be the cause of many of the physical ailments the individual is experiencing.

Insulin is the natural manufacturing of a hormone that allows the blood sugar or blood glucose to enter the many tiny cells of the body and later on demand for the use of energy or an extra burst of energy. Diabetes is the result caused by the defects in the insulin secretion, insulin performance, or sometimes both. In the case of adult diabetes, too much glucose stays in the blood and this is not a good thing for the body of the individual. Elevated levels of blood glucose or hyperglycemia leads to the over spilling of glucose into the urine.

Last, with the knowledge the medical community incorporates the possibility of pancreas transplants are on the near horizon. There are many medical specialists questioning if this is another step in the elimination of diabetes in the future. It is now an established fact that it is within the pancreas where the insulin is producing, stored as fat, and later at a designated time released into the individual’s bloodstream so it may be a logical next step in the evolution of diabetes.

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