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Ingredients to Look For When Finding Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Product

Are you concerned about the safety of your skin care cream? If not, maybe you should be. Many researchers and consumer advocacy groups are concerned about the safety of the ingredients that companies use in skin care moisturizer cream and other cosmetics.

Testing has revealed lead in lipstick. Phthalates have been found in creams and lotions. Parabens or other synthetic preservatives are found in 99% of the skin care cream and lotions on the market.

Most dermatologists feel that skin care moisturizer creams should not contain preservatives at all, because they are common allergens. But, now there is a more serious concern.

Parabens, phthalates and other synthetic chemicals act like estrogen within the human body. Many compounds like that are known to cause cancer. Anything that acts like estrogen can cause changes in breast and prostate tissues that predispose the cells to cancer.

If the chemicals were only in your skin care cream, it might not be a problem. But, they are in many health and beauty aids, as well as consumer goods, so the rate of exposure over the course of one’s life is the major concern voiced by researchers.

To many of us, the confusing thing is that there is no reason to use these chemicals, either in production or as a preservative. There are safer alternatives. For example, natural vitamin E is a perfectly good preservative. So, why do companies use the synthetics? They use them, because they are cheaper.

If they would spend a little less on advertising and the pretty bottles and jars, they could spend more on safe high quality ingredients that are more effective. I’ll mention just one more thing that you should avoid in skin care moisturizer cream and then I’ll get into some of the “good” stuff.

The most common ingredient in skin care cream is petrolatum. It is an illogical ingredient. It is not an effective moisturizer, because it is not similar to the skin’s composition, so it does not penetrate. Also, when use on a regular basis, it interferes with the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. That is according to respected dermatologists. So, don’t use it. It will make you look older, sooner.

The best skin care moisturizer cream for daily use on the face is different for men and women. They have unique problems. Men need witch hazel and vitamin B5. Women only need B5 for body lotion.

Capuacu butter is a good ingredient for men’s faces because it protects against sunburn and helps heals existing burns, whether from the sun or a razor. For women’s faces, the best skin care cream contains passion fruit extract. Since it is very similar to the skin’s own oils, it helps to regulate sebum production. So, dry patches are moister, but you don’t have oily patches.

Both men and women need skin care moisturizer cream for their bodies and their faces that contain vitamins like co-enzyme Q10. If properly formulated, it prevents free radical damage and repairs damage that has already been done.

It takes a little time and effort to find the perfect skin care cream, but if you follow along with what I have mentioned here (avoid the wrong things, look for the right things), I think you will be pleased.

You may find skin care products advertising that they contain collagen. This is not true. Collagen skin care does not involve applying collagen to your skin.

Many big skin care companies make various claims about collagen skin care. Consumers are becoming more aware of what collagen is and what it does for your skin. A skin care product that contains the proper natural ingredients can stimulate the production of this important natural protein. In addition, a collagen treatment can consist of injections of collagen.

Thus, there are two forms of potential collagen skin care. A person with healthy amounts of collagen in their skin will have firm, vibrant skin with good texture.

Collagen skin treatments refer to the injection of collagen by a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon. This is a costly procedure that can also be painful. In addition, it is not permanent. Collagen skin care means applying an anti-aging skin care cream containing natural ingredients designed to stimulate the re-generation of collagen.

You may see advertisements featuring some popular actor that has perfect skin, and if you use this product then you will too. However, do not believe the hype. These companies spend millions of dollars on advertisements to get people to buy their products. However, most of these products do not work.

Collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed into your skin. Thus, a product claiming to contain collagen is just not accurate. However, collagen skin care creams are ineffective. If you would rather not spend a fortune or suffer from the pain, then the injection method is just not for you.

The only option is to find a scientifically proven product that does not actually claim to contain collagen but does contain natural substances that help your body produce its own collagen. This is the most effective so-called collagen skin care program.

Therefore, as you can see, collagen is important to your anti-aging skin care plan, just not the way many products claim.

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