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Improve Brain Power with Brain Exercise Games

Do you worry about becoming more forgetful and slow in the mind with aging? You will not have to if you improve your brain power with brain exercise games.

Brain Exercise Games

If you lose the curiosity to learn, the desire to push yourself mentally or to face up to new challenges as you age, you will become stagnant and still. Your brain will age with no stimulation, and you will start to lose interest around you. Brain exercise games are a great way to keep your mind active. You develop different ways to look at things, different approaches to get solutions or you may just discover new flexibilities in your thinking.

An active mind, no matter what age, is one of the best anti-aging solutions. Here are ten tips to help improve your brain power:

1) Brain Exercise Games – whether it is the crossword puzzles in the newspapers, Sudoku or an electronic game borrowed from your children or grandchildren; all you need is about 15 minutes a day to keep that brain power moving. If you find a certain type of game easy, for example you are a Sudoku master, then you need to move on to something else.

2) Meditation – No, it is not an excuse for a nap but meditation can relax and clear your mind, bringing your mental capacity to a different level. A relaxed mind is a great receptor to new concepts and ideas.

3) Share Great Stories – The younger generation will roll their eyes at this one but if you keep it entertaining and to the point, storytelling is a great way keep memories alive and help you to interpret and understand past events. Sometimes telling a story as a third person could make you look at a situation differently.

4) Eat Brain Power Foods – If your brain (and your body) is not fed the proper fuel, then it will not function to its full capacity. Just like running a marathon, you need to eat the right foods to face the challenge. It is the same for the brain – wild salmon, pure olive oil, nuts and seeds such as walnuts and flax seeds are all great sources.

5) Keep Your Body Fit – Yes, the two go hand in hand. The brain needs to process all the information of movement, breathing, estimating distance, listening to your body and keeping you motivated. Make sure you do a variety of exercises to keep the brain alert and fit such as dancing, golf, hiking and swimming.

6) Stop vegetating In Front of the TV – It is easy to let the TV take over your brain and let it go into passive mode as it feeds you junk. The time spent watching mindless programs could be spent on physical exercise or something more educational and challenging such as playing games, listening to music, learning to paint, reading a good book or just spending quality time with your family.

7) Broaden Your Reading Material – We all have our favorite reading material: romance, thrillers, detective stories but have you tried reading something different? Perhaps a biography, something historical or a good classical play. Just by imagining a different time period, or finding out about a new culture will broaden your mind and make you think about life from a different prospective.

8) Learning Something New – Think you are too old to learn a new language/master the computer/learn the salsa? Well, think again. This is the perfect way to exercise different parts of your brain and to make you think differently. Nothing like a new tropical fish tank or learning to cook a new cuisine to get those brain juices flowing.

9) Change Your Routine – Does your brain go into automatic mode when you do certain things? Maybe you always take the same route to the supermarket, have a cup of tea at 4:00pm or always read the same newspaper. If you do things without having to think much about it, make some simple changes to challenge the brain to think : take a different route, ride a bike instead of drive, drink a different type of tea, or learn to go online to read different news sites.

10) Do Brain Training – There are many free online sites, books and brain games to keep your mind in tip top condition. The three main areas to concentrate on is visualization, memory and reasoning and if you just do fifteen minutes to half an hour a day, you will be well on your way to getting your brain in tip top shape.

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