Impact of Diabetes on Individuals

Difficulties begin when an individual walks into the medical physician’s office for a regular examination and walks out with a diagnosis of diabetes. This will take the individual a few days to digest all the new diabetes information the medical physician gave for the individual to read through. Treatment for diabetes must begin immediately, but the individual requires a little time to adjust the thought process and learn to accept all the changes that are there. These changes will play a large role as to the success or lack of success of the individual in the days and months ahead.

Individuals receiving a diagnosis of diabetes usually begin to display a number of symptoms after the five years mark of receiving the initial diagnosis. Why this five-year waiting period is still a mystery, but five years it seems is the limit. The determining factor is also which of the four types of diabetes the individual receives a diagnosis. There are many individuals who receive a diagnosis of diabetes and find a simple change in diet with the addition of exercise is enough. Other individuals receive a prescription from the medical physician for insulin because their pancreas is non-functional and there is no way to repair the pancreas.

Individuals fall into a deep depression and believe their lifestyle and their life is reaching a pinnacle of sorts. Family members try to cope and understand, but this can be difficult. Some of the difficulties arise when the individual with diabetes becomes ill because there are so few medications that are palatable and the individual’s internal system may reject it. This is one of the fears for the individual and the family members because this is a problem. Living with a chronic illness such as diabetes is a very big concern.

Medical physicians forget sometimes that while handing over all the diabetes information that there is a psychological impact the individual now faces. Thoughts flashing through the individuals mind are thoughts such as the following:

  1. Thoughts of becoming blind
  1. Thoughts of going on kidney dialysis
  1. Thoughts of developing severe nerve damage
  1. Thoughts of possible amputation of extremities

Individuals realize this is a forever lifetime change the individual must adjust to before any further difficulties develop. It will mean a drastic change in the daily diabetic meal plan. Instead of having the ability to eat whatever, wherever, and whenever the individual must learn to only concentrate on certain healthier foods. Fresh vegetables such as the green leafy kind as with spinach, green beans, string beans, broccoli, asparagus. Fresh fruits which are healthy and offer a change in taste such as cantaloupe, apples, pears, oranges, and bananas also are loaded with much nutritional value too. Bananas also carry potassium which is a supplement in need of replacing on a daily basis.

Diabetes individuals have a difficult time with even the slightest illness such as a cold or the annual flue because the body is beyond stress in general that it can cause the blood sugar to become very erratic for the duration of the illness. Many times the information on diabetes leaves this out and yet it is something very important for the individual to be aware. The high blood sugar levels will soar abnormally high as the low blood sugar falls off the charts. These are the worrisome times when an individual with diabetes must have hospitalization in order to help their system fall back in line and stabilize before it is too late.

Emotional high’s and low’s also affect the psychological makeup of the individual as there are so many emotions such as anger, restlessness, nervousness, impatience all to name a few. Internal hormones are raging and this works against the individual until they learn how to regulate their emotions. Of course, this is easier to voice than to complete, but the goal is achievable.

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